Musiques avec ambiance : Etrange

titre descriptif 00:00 Album
Music Machine - P. Gaillard Mechanical and strange rhythm made from sounds coming only from the double bass and the violin. 02:16
Camera 8 - G. Goué The spiral of time, the present is already in the past! Groovy and omnipresent double bass. Tension created by different sound elements. Edit Point at 1'32 and 2'10. 03:06
Migration - G. Goué Walk on the beach. Slow piano and double bass with various sound elements give an atmosphere between dog and wolf, relaxed and strange. 02:25
Persona - G. Goué A duel in the sun, Enchanted (the film). Chords in slow waves punctuated by different sound elements, or light percussions. 02:24
Rhesus - G. Goué What a strange affair, the mystery remains unsolved. Electric piano and acoustic guitar create an atmosphere of intrigue. at 1'19 Picked up by an electric guitar solo, tension sets in. 04:03
Crime Statistics - R. Luczak 0'10” short version 00:12
Science Center - R. Luczak 0'10” short version 00:11
Frequence Perdue - G. Goué Plucked string instrument for the intro then a set of violins. A drums very present and behind a voice with the ethnic color. 02:52
HCM - G. Goué Intro with a large synthesizer and piano ostinato. Repetitive bass and serious man's voice. Exotic female voice on the chorus. 03:09
Nouveau Depart - G. Goué Atmosphere of intrigue, waiting, with a repetitive double bass groove, an electric piano, the acoustic guitar plays the melody. Edit point at 2'22 the double bass plays the melody. 03:25
Procession - G. Goué Trio jazz, double bass piano and drums. Progression of tense and unstable chords. 01:27
Surcharge - G. Goué Tense atmosphere for this English rock trio, bass, drums, electric guitar. Edit point at 0'39 Electric guitar with vibrato, jazzy cymbal. The violins add to the dramatic side. 02:50
Chase - R. Luczak Dynamic, Action, Tension 00:32
Shadow Of A Doubt - R. Kothawala Alternative ambiant version with orchestral fx. Atmospheric pulsating underscore with synth pads, synth bass, hints of vocals, dashes of strings. Orchestra-Hybrid, Rhythmic. 01:42
Symptoms Of A Decline - R. Kothawala No strings version. Atmospheric pulsating underscore with synth pads, synth bass, hints of vocals, dashes of strings. Orchestra-Hybrid, Rhythmic, Strings, Choir. 02:25
The Calm - R. Kothawala Atmospheric pulsating underscore with synth pads, synth bass, hints of vocals, dashes of strings. Orchestra-Hybrid, Rhythmic. 02:08
Transition - R. Kothawala No Perc No Bass version. Atmospheric pulsating underscore with synth pads, synth bass, dashes of strings. Orchestra-Hybrid. 02:01
Wandering - C. Nouailhaguet Dramatic trip hop track. Mysterious theremin, glitchy vox and massive sub bass build a suspenseful and tense cinematic urban drama. Theremin at 0:23 and at 1:27, edit point at 0:55. Synth, bass, theremin, TR808, groovebox, scratch, vox fx. 02:05
Anyraja - J. Pelizzari Discreet flute melody with electric piano interrogative chords. Cool Jazz Funk 02:49
Any Time - A. Urbanowicz Soft, Piano theme, Relaxing. 02:57
Art and Space - P. Dabrowski Minimal structure, prepared Piano with Trumpet theme 02:47
Fishwife - E. Sielicki Grotesque, Humorous, Ironic 02:00
Light of Stars - A. Rejman Dreamy, Ambient Accoustic Guitar theme, Atmospheric 03:07
Rain over Clouds - A. Rejman Minimal piano theme over mysterious guitar 03:35
Falling Star - C. Nouailhaguet Dreamy and positive. A shimmering synth pad brings feelings of both contemplative and determined. Underscore - contemplative version. 01:40
Hazard Zone - C. Nouailhaguet Analogue synths and industrial FX create a tense mood. Speed and danger. Computer games, action scenes. FX zone version. 01:17
Whale Call - C. Nouailhaguet Seascape and mysterious atmosphere. Slow and legato strings. Underscore - strings version. 02:18
Fright Night - L.J. Cedar An eerie and tense classical piece perfect with a dramatic crescendo that's perfect for a TV-Film or Trailer Horror or Video Games spot. Curious, Eerie, Looming, Epic, Score, Tense, Powerful, Bold. Vibes, Strings, Piano, Cymbals, Drums, Timpani, Bass. 00:30
Underworld For Now - L.J. Cedar A quirky ambient sound collage that's good for horror or thriller TV ? Film cue. Eerie, Odd, Curious, Quirky, Avant garde, Moody, Mad, Unsettling. Synthesizer, Trumpet, SFX, Vocal sample, Drums. 00:45
Stellar Journey - E. Hildebert Exhibitions. Distant mechanical rhythm. Evolution texture. Edit Point at 0'30 and 4'55 start of rhythm 06:31
Dimensional Analysis - E. Hildebert Exhibitions. Hovering, different evolutive sound elements, with echo. Edit Point at 0'48, 2'46, 3'55. 06:16
Equinox - E. Hildebert Exhibitions. Hovering, different evolutive sound elements, futuristic images, science fiction. 06:40
In My Bubble - E. Hildebert Exhibitions. Low sequence. Hovering, different evolutive sound elements, futuristic images, science fiction. 06:12
Before Midnight - R. Luczak 30' version. Mysterious, Repetitive Piano motif over Synths Pad 00:33
Deserted Streets - R. Luczak 30' version. Groovy Electric Piano ostinatos over hipnotic groove 00:32
Heads And Tails - P. Tilleman Fast Waking bass, breaks, fast piano, brass and violin phrases. 01:47
Abstract Meandering - Frontal Lobe Push - J. Whitcher Cinematic, Industrial, Strange, Suspens, Synth. Nature, Emotive, Universal, Electro, Ambient, Spacious, Moody, Guitar, Film, Emotion, Moving, Horizon, Underscore, Suspence. 02:59
Abstract Meandering - Punked Funk Dirt - J. Whitcher Cinematic, Strange, Tense, Synth, Bruitages. Nature, Emotive, Universal, Electro, Ambient, Spacious, Moody, Guitar, Film, Emotion, Moving, Horizon, Underscore, Suspence. 02:56
Fell off - J. Brown Trip-Hop, Strange, Dark, Synth bass, Sample, Drum machine. Soul music, Rhythm and Blues, Love, Feelgood, Party Music. 02:28
For Lu - J. Brown Hip Hop - Rap, Drum n Bass, Strange, Trance, Synth bass, Drum machine, Speaking voice. Soul music, Rhythm and Blues, Love, Feelgood, Party Music. 02:06
For the funnies - S. Sibanda Celebration, Suspens, Strange, Violin, Strings Pizz. Violin, string, quartet. 02:34
Fred - J. Brown Electro, Strange, Dark, Percussions, Synth bass. Soul music, Rhythm and Blues, Love, Feelgood, Party Music. 02:27
Gangsta hangover - J. Brown Hip Hop - Rap, Strange, Suspens, Synth, Sample, Drum machine. Soul music, Rhythm and Blues, Love, Feelgood, Party Music. 02:14
Get down - J. Brown Drum n Bass, Electro, Strange, Repetitive, Synth bass, Synth, Drum machine. Soul music, Rhythm and Blues, Love, Feelgood, Party Music. 02:28
Midnight Train - J. Brown Soul - RnB, Hip Hop - Rap, Strange, Tense, Electric piano, Drum machine, Brass. Soul music, Rhythm and Blues, Love, Feelgood, Party Music. 02:35
Maximum Ravis Groovis - J. Whitcher Cinematic, Electro, Strange, Dark, Synth. Deep in thought, ambient, spacey, galaxy, dream, grunge bass, pads, soupy, drama, film score, action, drone. 04:24
Needs All - G. Flores Electro, Electronica, Strange, Dynamic, Synth bass, Singing voice, Synth. Dance floor. 01:55
Night - G. Flores Techno, Psytrance - Goa, Strange, Repetitive, Synth bass, Drum machine, Synth. Dance floor. 01:52
Silentness - G. Flores Electro, Pop, Strange, Suspens, Synth bass, Drum machine, Synth. 02:01
Spark In It - G. Flores Techno, Dance, Strange, Repetitive, Synth bass, Drum machine, Synth. Dance floor. 01:57
All things move - J. Whitcher Psytrance - Goa, Techno, Strange, Psychedelic, Synth bass, Synth, Drum machine. Must Groove Version. Drum and Bass, sports, extreme, energegetic, action, soccer, rugby. 03:04
Bambezela - S. Sibanda Dance, World - African, Strange, Exotic, Synth bass, Strings. Africa, African Kwaito, South African, House, Dance, Party, Celebration, Lifestyle, Education Sports, Soccer, Club, Shebeen, Up beat, Positive, funky, Jazzy, soul. 03:19
Blister X - J. Whitcher Trance, Techno, Psychedelic, Strange, Synth bass, Synth, Drum machine. Drum and Bass, sports, extreme, energegetic, action, soccer, rugby. 03:21
Chaos - L. Gogwana Orchestral, Jazz, Dynamic, Strange, Brass, Ethnical voice, Percussions. Africa, Jazzy, soul. 00:17
Emotive - L. Gogwana Jazz, Fusion, Majestic, Strange, Trumpet, Singing voice, Percussions. Africa, Jazzy, soul. 01:40
Gloobdabuke - J. Whitcher Jungle, Dance, Strange, Psychedelic, Synth bass, Drum machine, Synth. Africa, south african, Party, Feelgood, Tv, Celebration, Sports, Positive, Upbeat, energy. 03:10
Good To You More - V. Nakiwe Dance, World - African, Strange, Suspens, Synth bass, Effects, Singing voice. Africa, African Kwaito, South African, House, Dance, Party, Celebration, Lifestyle, Education Sports, Soccer, Club, Shebeen, Up beat, Positive, funky, Jazzy, soul. 04:03
Gotta get yours - J. Whitcher Electro, Psytrance - Goa, Strange, Mysterious, Synth bass, Synth, Percussions. Drum and Bass, sports, extreme, energegetic, action, soccer, rugby. 01:17
Guitar Heaven - S. Sibanda Jungle, Dance, Strange, Dynamic, Synth bass, Drum machine, Synth. Africa, south african, Party, Feelgood, Tv, Celebration, Sports, Positive, Upbeat, energy. 01:40
How do you know - S. Sibanda Dance, World - African, Strange, Suspens, Synth bass, Effects. Africa, African Kwaito, South African, House, Dance, Party, Celebration, Lifestyle, Education Sports, Soccer, Club, Shebeen, Up beat, Positive, funky, Jazzy, soul. 02:04
Its all in her head - J. Whitcher Cinematic, Strange, Tense, Acoustic piano, Bruitages, Synth. Deep in thought, ambient, spacey, galaxy, dream, grunge bass, pads, soupy, drama, film score, action, drone. 02:42
Just a thought - S. Sibanda Ambient, Strange, Melancholic, Synth, Acoustic piano. Variation. Pads, Sad, Moody, Depressing, Melancholic. 02:43
Kram and Slam it - J. Whitcher Jungle, Electro, Mysterious, Strange, Synth bass, Percussions, Synth. Africa, south african, Party, Feelgood, Tv, Celebration, Sports, Positive, Upbeat, energy. 04:06
Kwaaito Strings - T. Komane Dance, World - African, Tense, Strange, Ethnic, Sample. Africa, African Kwaito, South African, House, Dance, Party, Celebration, Lifestyle, Education Sports, Soccer, Club, Shebeen, Up beat, Positive, funky, Jazzy, soul. 05:27
Lets go - M. Jacobs Electro, Psytrance - Goa, Repetitive, Strange, Synth bass, Synth, Drum machine. Drum and Bass, sports, extreme, energegetic, action, soccer, rugby. 01:34
Ragga - S. Sibanda Reggae, Strange, Percussions, Synth. Hip Hop, Reggae, crunk, Dance Hall, club, dance, party, electronic synth, hard beats, Jamaican, Caribbean. 03:17
Sensuality - L. Gogwana Lounge, Jazz, Strange, Trumpet. Africa, Jazzy, soul. 03:06
Things Fall Apart - F. Paco Jazz, Contemporary, Strange, Trumpet, Bruitages. Africa, Jazzy, soul. 04:40
Traces Violin - E. Lodewyk Ballad, Strange, Tense, Strings, Strings Pizzicato. Pads, Sad, Moody, Depressing, Melancholic. 00:36
TTP DND - M. Machaba Electro, Techno, Strange, Repetitive, Synth, Drum machine. Drum and Bass, sports, extreme, energegetic, action, soccer, rugby. 03:35
Airy Voices - A. Rejman Meditative, Moody Piano and Electric Piano phrases with delicate brushes 04:50
Airy Voices - K. Jankowska Meditative, Moody FemaleVoices accompanied by piano and electric Piano phrases with delicate brushes 04:28
Baroque Vault - P. Grinholc In the style of Baroque. Organ solo 01:28
Breezy - A. Rejman Piano, Strings and Sythesiser Pads over Smooth and light rhythm section 05:01
Cracatoa - Volcano - E. Sielicki Short version. Dynamic, Motoric sequences. Grand Piano and Percussion Enemble 00:36
Green Fairy - E. Sielicki Short version. Minimal, Abstract piece for Grand Piano, Bells, Vibraphone, Synths 00:31
Imagination - K. Kucz Mystic Surreal Atmosphere. FX male voice 03:19
In Search Of Colours - K. Kucz Cello over FX. Synths 01:29
Pulsar - K. Kucz Drums loop over FX sound. Surreal 03:29
Rhythmea - E. Sielicki Short version. Abstract, Surreal Percussion Sounds. Grand Piano 01:49
Steel Wall - K. Kucz Drums loop over FX sound. Motoric 01:56
Steps In The Dark - K. Kucz Percussion Abstract Sounds over Rhythmic Structures 03:46
Tides On A Mysterious Bay - E. Sielicki Short version.Mystic, Surreal FX sounds with Grand Piano and Percussion. Contemporary Textures 01:04
Tristea - E. Sielicki Short version.Minimal, Contemporary Textures for Piano, Synth and Percussion Ensemble 00:40
Whispers - K. Kucz FX Voices, Abstract and Mystic 03:00
Wooden Kingdom - E. Sielicki Short version. Cartoon, Funny, Humorous theme for Vibraphone, Marimba, Xylophone, Grand Piano 00:28
Before The Storm - R. Bednarczuk Pulsing, Dynamic Orchestral theme. Cello solo part. 01:33
Cello Impression - R. Bednarczuk Hypnotic, Mysterious Cello 01:08
For Adam - R. Luczak Dreamy, Calm, Soft Lullaby, Piano, Celesta 02:50
For Daria - R. Luczak Sleepy, Calm, Soft Lullaby. Small Bells, Piano 03:14
For Sussan - R. Luczak Dreamy, Calm Lullaby. Small Bells, Piano 02:56
Fornax - R. Luczak 30' version. Slow, Emotional theme. Ethereal Atmosphere 00:35
Hills - R. Bednarczuk Atmospheric, Expressive Cello and Soprano theme. Cinematic Orchestra 03:09
Nature Impression - R. Bednarczuk Atmospheric, Expressive Soprano theme. Cinematic Orchestra 02:12
Night Dreams - R. Bednarczuk Dreamy, Mysterious Cello solo and String pads 01:49
Puff of Spring - R. Bednarczuk Nervous, Pulsing String theme 01:04
Scottish Impression - R. Bednarczuk Scottish Atmosphere. Cinematic Orchestra with Scottish Pipe 01:57
Spect - R. Luczak 30' version. Pulsing, Bright theme. Ethereal Atmosphere 00:31
Devil's Nose (Caucherman) - GD 78 Exotic and strange piece with electric guitar, saxophone, female voice, percussions and drums. Art Ensemble of Chicago. 07:29
Nacht - GD 78 German singing. Strange melody with some notes of saxophone, guitar swell, percussion and organ 02:32
Smogbuster - GD 78 Tense melody, in unison saxophone and voice. Solo saxophone then guitar. 06:35
You ll Walk Alone - GD 78 Contemporary jazz ballad with female voice, ambient guitar and saxophone. 06:25
Clakson - GD 78 Contemporary jazz ambient played on saxophone, marimba with singing female voice. Strange, tense. 06:11
Slow Life - V. Kuryluk Elegant, Poignant Piano ostinatos over String section arrangement 02:03
Different Faces And Places - T. Stoilkovski Cultures combine with a percussive house feel beat wiith organ, flute, didgeridoo and chinese instruments. Out Of The Wilderness. 01:54
Dive Deeper - T. Stoilkovski Pop mellow guitars guide you along with strings diving to the bottom of the ocean into deep blues. Under The Blue Sea. 02:30
Electric Impulses - T. Stoilkovski Jazz and modern lounge funk inspired journey pulsing with stylish and upbeat guitars and sax interludes. Look And Listen. 02:09
Good Karma - T. Stoilkovski Sitar welcomes an eastern grooved RnB funk groove into a reflective bridge bouncing with optimism. Look And Listen. 02:11
Let's Make It Happen - T. Stoilkovski Four on the floor, middle of the road country vibe rocker with a touch of eighties and healthy attitude. Look And Listen. 02:00
Look And Listen - T. Stoilkovski Curious and upbeat themed pop number with slap bass accompanying harmonic acoustic guitar and strings. Look And Listen. 02:40
Make A Splash - T. Stoilkovski Happy ukulele chords spring into a joyful and boppy pop number with synth guitars and psychedelic cool. Under The Blue Sea. 02:11
Neptunes Garden - T. Stoilkovski Pizzicato strings, pads and orchestral drums dance to the rhythm below the seas and oceans. Under The Blue Sea. 01:51
Rewind Your Mind - T. Stoilkovski Blade runneresque eighties vibed synth power ballad with oscillating feel into a piano and acoustic pop feel. Look And Listen. 02:01
Secret Island - T. Stoilkovski Mysterious feel into string arrangement fuses with voice and guitars to create a haunting yet calm invitation. Under The Blue Sea. 03:43
Split Personality - T. Stoilkovski Mysterious and ghoulish church organ transforms into a percussion led organic pop rock psych number. Look And Listen. 02:04
Under The Blue Sea - T. Stoilkovski Enchanting aura surrounds an electronic beat meandering through acoustic instruments under the sea. Under The Blue Sea. 02:40
Anxiety - A. Urbanowicz Nervous, Exciting Piano theme 01:56
Black Stars - R. Guzik Slow, Space, Atmospheric theme. 30' version 00:30
Bribery - R. Luczak Dynamic, Aggressive theme. 02:34
Emptiness - R. Luczak Bizarre, Conceptual motiv. Minimal. 30' version 00:32
Imperative Need - R. Luczak Dramatic Piano theme over DarkPad. Minimal. 30' version 00:34
Impulsive - A. Urbanowicz Nervous, Aggressive Piano theme 01:50
In Secret - R. Luczak Reflective, Mysterious Piano theme with pads Minimal 02:40
Oblivion - R. Luczak Suspense, Mysterious atmosphere. Static Synths. FX Percussion. Minimal. 30' version 00:34
Sad Story - R. Luczak Intro Static Repetitive Synths, after Mysterious Piano theme. Minimal. 30' version 00:37
Trouver Cle Du Tresor De Pandorre - J-L Delgado Heavy Rhythmic intro. Then synthesizer kitch and jerky violins. 02:19
Rencontre Avec Un ET - J-L Delgado Wait, intrigue. Pulsewave, positive, space, panoramic. Sequence, Heavy drums. 01:21
Grand Prix de Vincennes - J-L Delgado Intro tight drums. Unstable rhythm. Pop '80s. Repetitive, trance. 03:00
Moonlight - R. Bednarczuk Subtle, Delicate String. Mystic Atmosphere 02:57
Morning Mist - R. Bednarczuk Expressive Cello. String pads 02:28
Trashmosphere - P. Gawlik Abstract sounds intro, Melodic, Pulsing, Repetitive motif. 30' version 00:35
Premonitions - E. Hildebert Electric guitar, sustained rhythm, atmosphere and strange female voices. 02:12
Money Grows on Trees - T. Stoilkovski Wah guitars bounce of a trip hop vibe interwoven with floating vocals and bouncy arpeggio synths. Suburban Dreams. 02:59
Atomic Level - V. Kuryluk Slow, Space, Repetitve motif. Ambient. 30' version 00:34
Atomizer - V. Kuryluk Static Sounds. Repetitve motif. Ambient. 30' version 00:28
Bio Current - V. Kuryluk Experimental, Pulsing Sounds structure. 30' version 00:34
Dwarfs' Backstreet - G. Suski Kitsch, Humorous, Grotesque. FX Voice, Brass Section, Synth, Bass, Drums. 30' version 00:34
Schizophrenia - R. Luczak Minimal Slow, Static, Abstract FX sound with drums. 30' version 00:30
Side Effect - V. Kuryluk Static Piano accords. Repetitve motif. Ambient. 30' version 00:28
Turning Back - V. Kuryluk Repetitive, Futuristic Sounds. Ambient. 30' version 00:42
Who He Should Be - D Agostino Suite of distorted sound images. 01:03
Token Spotlight - D Agostino Solo acoustic piano, aerial arpeggios, distant. 03:06
Pride - D Agostino Intro tense then a strange rhythmic electro rock. 03:11
Rabid Showroom - D Agostino Slight evolutionary tension with different sound images. Noise disturbing. 12:36
Safe in Beregost - D Agostino Electronic drums improvisation. 02:07
Nuclear Roulette - D Agostino Acoustic guitar accord, repetitive synth. 04:04
Dreams In A Nutshell - D Agostino Long part of drums and synths. Some voice interventions at 1'20. 04:17
Erase And Rewind - D Agostino Strange, stressful texture with a synth arpeggio. 00:49
Destruction - M. Litwinski Experimental, Lab theme 03:20
Future Technology - V. Kuryluk Dynamic, Rhythmic Electro-Sequences. 30' short version 00:37
Industry Lab - D. Zebrowski Experimental, Lab theme 01:35
Orientis partibus - UBK Morin khuur or horse-headed vielle. Diphonic singing in old language, organetto. 03:55
Smile Please - P. Gawlik Quirky, Fun theme with female voice 02:32
Museum Of Art 2 - S. Bokowy Lively, Melodic guitar theme. Guitar impression 01:56
Office District - A. Urbanowicz Positive, Atmospheric. Light funk groove, citylights, guitar wah- wah. 02:41
New You - T. Stoilkovski Technology meets a slight sense of intrigue combining electronica and synth to keep a solid pace. Hello World. 01:54
Nothing Stopping Us - T. Stoilkovski Straight to your throat razor sharp killer rocker with chainsaw octave guitars, rocking vibe and rebel heart. Be What You Want. 03:16
Good Morning Radio - M. Nosowicz Bossa, Relaxing theme 02:17
Some More Lounge - P. Chapnik Trumpet distant on violins and groove calm, mysterious. Electric guitar. 1'16 theme on the oud. 02:42
On Forest Glade - R. Luczak Fairy Tale, Grotesque 02:55
Escape With Me - T. Stoilkovski Flowing stylish synth rock driven tune with touches of brass and horn sections. Escape With Me. 02:06
Night Animals - T. Stoilkovski Urban vibe simple pop piece with horn stabs and delayed bass. Escape With Me. 02:08
Wait Till Dawn - T. Stoilkovski House ambient chill out vibe, funky bass guitar and flourishes of horns, pads and percussion. Escape With Me. 02:20
Walk These Streets - T. Stoilkovski Cool mystery vibe beatnik pop tune led by funky horns, organ backing and harmonica solo. Escape With Me. 02:34
90S JO - J. Goodwin Electronic - Synth groove with ambience. 00:23
90s V5 - J. Goodwin Electronic Hip Hop - Synth hop. 00:24
Malaria - J. Goodwin Rock - Hard Rock drive. 00:33
You Like It - J. Goodwin Groove - Funky quirk horns and vocal samples. 00:58
Stress Monkey - J. Goodwin FX 00:10
Just So Wrong - J. Goodwin Blues - Chris Isaaks inspired rocking blues vocal. 01:25
Mary Had A Little Lamb - J. Goodwin Children - Ambient piano nursery rhyme classic. 01:08
Nastodontist - J. Goodwin Groove - Funky synth groove eastern fun. 00:36
Peoples Park Forest - J. Goodwin FX - Voices and ambient low build. 00:11
Pet Monkey - J. Goodwin Groove - Funky upbeat clavinet and baritone sax rasta vox. 04:15
Ring Around The Rosey - J. Goodwin Children - Ambient piano nursery rhyme classic. 01:17
Jan 90S - J. Goodwin Electronic Groove - pop synth. 00:24
Jettison Blast - J. Goodwin FX 00:17
Jp Roosterfish - J. Goodwin Groove - Funky synth rock fat boy sample fun. 00:38
Kid Katch - J. Goodwin Rock Groove - Hip Hop rock groove. 01:59
Cluster - J. Goodwin FX. Cluster Cave. 00:24
Cul De Sax - J. Goodwin ID - Drum n bass quirk sax upbeat ID. 00:05
Disoriental - J. Goodwin Drama - Creepy voice drone horror. 00:28
Big Bad Wolf Piano - J. Goodwin Children - Ambient piano nursery rhyme classic. 01:18
Bogo Signature 4 - J. Goodwin ID - harp Beat with synth 3 note 00:04
Waiting Patiently - T. Stoilkovski Jazzy lounge feel piano and bass partner whilst trumpets, horns and xylophone glide 01:38
Nice Meeting You - T. Stoilkovski Quirky indie track fusing a happy and curious collection of instruments 01:56
Best Dressed - T. Stoilkovski Eighties pop synth channeled with a boppy melody bounces on a dance vibe 02:03
Changing Lanes - T. Stoilkovski Piano leads into a pad synth house rhythm that moves along just nicely 02:34
Ghe Te Pensu - G. D Agostino Dialogue de flutes avec contrebasse. Aventure. 03:47
All About Eve - G. D Agostino Intro lente de 1'15 puis groove à la guitare acoustique. Etrange, sombre puis détente. 04:04
Hotel Room - T. Stoilkovski Jazzy, bohemian, raw pop groove with acoustic breakbeat chilled drums and soulful interplay between upright bass, saxophone and electric organ. Beatnik heaven in a two star motel luxury. Version 30s. 00:30
Moonlight Rendezvous - T. Stoilkovski Melodic piano lines run with an upright bass, muted jazz saxophone, distorted simple guitar lines and shimmering string pads. 02:28
City Heartbeat - T. Stoilkovski An awakening in the city heart with an electronic ambient spirit. 01:54
Survival Skills - T. Stoilkovski An onslaught of percussive drums strides into a reflective string chorus. Plan your escape. 02:24
Wild Beast - T. Stoilkovski Pure hard rock syncopated mayhem unleashed with a half time beat monster rock chorus ending. 01:40
Scarecrow - T. Stoilkovski An ominous emo techno horror thriller braced with grinding bass lines, effects and razor induced guitars laid upon racing electro organic drums. A journey toward the heart of fear and paranoia within your very mind. Ominous tech rock electronica. 03:59
Sensations - T. Stoilkovski Vibrant, emotive and enigmatic beats, funky jazz inspired guitars with spanish flickers, an aura of pads and beatnik vocal phrases celebrate the times. Standing on the roof of the highest building with arms swide open welcoming the future. EP @ 2'02, chant @ 2'50. 03:46
Solar - T. Stoilkovski An incremental build up of a far eastern stylized feel with soaring rock and wah wah guitars, urban style organic drums and floating vocals building to a crescendo of emotion. Flying into the galaxy on a head on collision with the center of the universe. Atmospheric electro power pop. 03:10
Stars Tonight - T. Stoilkovski Reggae feel rock groove shuffle with percussive electro spills into a guitar heavy, lead synth cooker. Overcoming the darkest hour then watching the sun burn the blackness away. 04:08
Old Shoes - T. Stoilkovski Quirky cool with upright bass, be bop drums, harmonica, flute and fuzzed guitars. Virgule. 00:03
Out Of Body Experience - T. Stoilkovski Funky pop Bowie meets Kasabian meets Roxy Music with shimmery attacking guitars and four on the floor groove. 02:52
Paranoid Minds - T. Stoilkovski Post industrial, avant garde crafted noise madness that instills paranoia and isolation. 02:14
Passion In Me - T. Stoilkovski Acoustic guitars and latin pop based rhythm lead you into a journey of passion. 03:06
Peak Hour - T. Stoilkovski Electronica circus weirdness with organs, effects into funk neo synthetic pop with 80's vogue. Orchestrated traffic nightmare turns into enthusiasm on the street. EP @ 0'44. 02:42
Pedestrians - T. Stoilkovski Electro scratchy delayed bop and bass line meets dance lead into pads, slapped bass and piano. A curious adventure of a pop kind hitting the pavements of the city. 02:11
Plastic Nightmares - T. Stoilkovski Early horror film influenced macabre industrial melodic pop with strange sounding instruments and eerie melody. 02:24
Put Your Hands In The Air - T. Stoilkovski All out in your face big beat, rocker stomp with vox samples, organs and plenty of jumping. 02:40
Rebeccas Imagination - T. Stoilkovski A diverse mix of Rock, World Percussion, Eastern influences and surreal pop with a reflective, enigmatic edge. Alice in Wonderland meets Dali in modern suburbia. Surreal ethno percussive rock pop. 02:58
Little Bit Different - T. Stoilkovski Weird techno electronica with lashings of street cred 80's vibe. 02:00
Milkshake - T. Stoilkovski Quirky and cool alternate rock pop with a twist. Blending edgy and hip guitars, surreal backing vocals and backward tape effects with big rock chorus. Bouncing down a road painted in rainbow colours dressed in baroque regality. Alternate edgy pop rock. 02:37
East West Urban - T. Stoilkovski A cascading effect of urban bass and drums, rising strings and altered harpsichord, harp and eastern influences. Version 30s 00:30
Half Human - T. Stoilkovski An electro beat induced journey with percussion that dominates an atmosphere filled with electric piano, edgy guitars, lavish string bridge and cold war synths. As if humans are becoming an empire of androids. Electronic progressive big beat. Virgule. 00:07
Dirty Words - T. Stoilkovski Psychedelic mid paced trip pop with a dose of sideshow organ, female falsetto vox and early drum machine triggering. 03:00
Change Room - T. Stoilkovski Sneaky, electronica cross ambient trip hop with dashes of covert propaganda and multi saxophones. 02:06
City Lights - T. Stoilkovski Sci fi and tech grooves combine with pitched drums, percussion, strings and underlying synth lines. Like driving at night through an empty future cityscape. Driven sci fi organic electronica. Version 30s. 00:30
Beneath These Waves - T. Stoilkovski A warm signal tone meanders through jangled reverb guitars and break beat drums. A feeling of being underwater floating through the oceans. Ambient pop chill. 03:12
Apartment Two - T. Stoilkovski Weird, neurotic experimental art rock with dual harmony guitars, elecotronic pulses and big, half time drums. Strange sounds and weird lights coming from the top floor apartment. 02:44
Veranda - H. Kinet Kick, slow opening synth, sound effects. Edit point at 1'32 breaks sound effects, 4'31 Theme on the synth. 06:00
Voyager - H. Kinet Intro kick and bass synth in 2 complementary lines. 1'40 synth break. 05:01
Space Travel - H. Kinet Intro in synth effects and rhythm of sound effects. Crescendo of synth chords. 1'32 break effects and synth. 3'17 synth crescendo up to 3'47. 05:40
Alien School - C. Espern Effects and rhythms of synths, electronic drum, futuristic. 01:19
Aliens Squad - C. Espern Saturated electronic and rhythmic sounds. Synth Riff. 00:58
Boogie Planet - C. Espern Synth effects. Rhythmic of sound effects, organ. 02:27
Interlude - C. Espern Rhythm synth bass and sound effects. 00:36
Rock The Samourai Player - E. Hildebert Repetitive guitar riff, mysterious theme, discrete Asian sounds. 0'29 rhythm change, flute and effects. 02:31
Glass And Stone - L.J. Cedar Curious Bell-like mood track with an eastern feel. Layers of Lithophones.. Curious, Moody, Light, Restful, Metallic, Calm. 00:49
Is There Any Oh - L.J. Cedar Ominous and moving Piano track. Perfect for film opening credits. Inspired by Ennio Morricone.. Ominous, Moving, Curious, Mysterious, Serene. 02:16
Tranquility - L.J. Cedar Cool Pnemonic, great for corporate company logo or sting.. Positive, Friendly, Up, Confident, Calm, Mellow, Sunny, Summery, Tranquil. 00:12
Eon - L.J. Cedar Brian Eno like multi-layered sine wave ambience.. Calm, Ambient, Distant, Alien. 01:12
Club To Chase - L.J. Cedar Nu Groove Disco turns into Breakbeat (James Bond) Spy Theme.. Energetic, Upbeat, Disco, Driven, 1960s, Climactic, Chase, Spy, Theme. 00:32
In Shadow - L.J. Cedar Thoughtful, Dreamy, Curious, Delicate, and Spacey. Thoughtful, Dreamy, Curious, Delicate, Spacey. 00:48
Last To Hold On - L.J. Cedar A sweet heartfelt pop/ballad from the late 1990's. With Male vocals and contempory instrumentation.. Romantic, Uplifting, Positive, Happy. 04:08
Precious Stone - L.J. Cedar Indie anthemic guitar rock melody with energetic outro. Classy, Cute, Heroic, Determined, Rocking, Fresh, Refreshing, Rocking, Energetic, Anthemic, Building. 01:04
Sitting Target - L.J. Cedar Big Beat spy theme.. Cheeky, Groove, Confident, Ominous, Strong, Anticipation, Bold. 00:34
Superguy - L.J. Cedar Quirky Reggae Electronica with a japanese feel.. Quirky, Upbeat, Groove, Quaint, Fresh, Technology, Japanese. 00:38
Techno Fly By - L.J. Cedar Stomping electro beats with technology sound FX.. Synthy, Confident, Driving. 00:34
The Deep Void - L.J. Cedar An ominous piece good for horror or suspense with synthesizer sound bed puntuated drum and pizzicato hits.. Ominous, Looming, Scary, Calm, Moody, Dark, Brooding. 00:59
The Space Between - L.J. Cedar Solo and ambient Piano melody.. Thoughtful, Dreamy, Curious, Delicate, Spacey, Calm, Questioning. 00:41
Underscored - L.J. Cedar Tense and eery classical piece. Good for background, underscore with dramatic tense build.. Cinematic, Scary, Ominous, Tense, Eerie, Scarey, Looming, Gloomy. 01:13
La Chambre Bleue - M. Madoré Arpeggio electric guitars and theme. Brass, accordion. Tense theme. 00:59
Petite terreur nocturne en La très surmené - M. Madoré Acoustic guitar, tight harmony, anxiogenic sound effects, synth. Nightmare. Suspense, tension. Ghost, haunted house. 01:17
Foutez La Paix Aux Abeilles - J-M Boiteux Rhythmic electronic sound effects, rubber bass. Synth effects. Repetitive, trance. 03:25
Envie De Vomir - J-M Boiteux Unstable rhythmic. Synthé strained. Dobro. Material (the band). 04:55
Performance - G. Goué Electronic drums, filtered synth chord. Bass played at the pick. Tense harmony. 02:32
Everybody Dance - E. Delecolle Disco dance of the '80s. Vocoder. 04:46
Cry and shout - A. Jamot Synth effects. Ethereal Voice. Anxiogenic sounds. 03:56
Curieux orient - A. Jamot Splash of cymbals, gong, marimba, bells and various percussions. Violins, oboes. No apparent order. 05:17
Intime conviction - A. Jamot Acoustiv piano, double bass, synth. Modern jazz suite, several distinct universes. 13:35
Les sens contre sens - A. Jamot Two violins, long dissonant notes. 2'36, 3'31 digital bug effects. 04:50
Les sens de l'onde - A. Jamot Synthetic effects, waves, insects or motors. Up and down. 05:16
Les sens de la terre - A. Jamot Synth effects, waves, mobilities. Pink or white noise. Amount and descending. 04:28
Vagues electroniques - A. Jamot Panoramic synth effects. Variations of tone, volume, glissando. 04:55
Xca ghost buster - A. Jamot Textures. Shapes of panoramic waves, oscillations. 02:12
Xca le son du neant - A. Jamot Dissonances of pure wave forms. Variations of vibrato. 02:45
Dream for drum and quatuor - A. Jamot Cello, drums, 2 violins. Dialogue! 03:22
Hard Jazz Chorus - A. Jamot Funky drums and electric piano. Solo saxophone, saturated guitar then in unison. 03:22
Hivernales Ă©lectriques - A. Jamot Glacial or electric sound, light sequence. 01:26
Ritournelle - A. Jamot Harpsichord, oboe. Psychedelic Baroque. Repetitive. 01:38
Dark country - la dispute - A. Jamot Orchestra of brass. Arpeggios of oboe and harp. Flute tremolo. 02:05
Decalometrique - A. Jamot Staccato of cellos. Trumpet. Violins offset. Acceleration and slowdown effects. 01:38
Xca long time running - A. Jamot Changing texture. Long outfits, nostalgia, electronic melancholy. 06:33
Nine in the evening - A. Jamot Bass synth and effects. Spacy and evolutionary synth. E.Piano, trumpet solo. 06:21
Ice air jazz band - A. Jamot Quartet of jazz beginner. drums, double bass, E.Piano, Vibraphone. No swing yet. 02:42
13-8 Impair Et Pair - A. Jamot Intro bass and sound effects. Synth, drums and distant and offbeat percussions. Progressively more present. Edit point at 2'25, Solo guitar, tense harmony. 4'52 End E.piano and flute solo. 06:42
Quatuor time research - A. Jamot Synth rhythm or clock. Violins staccato and long violins. Progression, 2'36 drums, 3'06 snare and mechanical sound effects. 04:36
Piece for prepared piano numero 8 - A. Jamot Piano solo. Piano Rodeo. Regular acceleration. 03:13
L' Opéra parallèle - A. Jamot Far away exclamations on arpeggios of violins. 03:29
La croissance - A. Jamot Tense evolution of long notes. Edit point at 2'45. Saturated guitar. 03:52
Les Femmes-Fleurs - A. Jamot Very pictorial speech, sometimes destructured between a piano and an orchestra. 04:45
Ostinato pizzicati - A. Jamot Pizzicati, echo and cello speaker. Positive, dynamic and languid. 10:47
Luciole fiesta - A. Jamot Tremolo and vibrato on rhythmic distant percussions. 04:09
Fontaine Chromatique - A. Jamot Flow of atonal textures. 04:22
DĂ©calage temporel - A. Jamot No place for a rhythm, screaming or stretched. 03:14
Electronic timeline - A. Jamot Sound effects, gong.Ambience nature of another planet, punctuated with crunches. 39:08
In a drone cockpit - A. Jamot Noise from electronic machines. 02:18
Les Moustaches - A. Jamot Intensification of notes and tempos to the extreme. 05:14
Orchestre sans chef - A. Jamot Rhythmic and tonal discomfort. David Linch meets Alfred Hichcock. 04:15
Xenakis - A. Jamot Echo and babbling of brass. 04:56
Uncle Frank reggae - A. Jamot Guitar solo saturated, harmony tense, rhythmic reggae discrete. 02:53
Sweet Song - M. Bedot Intro in guitar chords with vibrato. 0'31 rhythm and melody to the synth. Edit point at 1'40. Schoolyard noise, synth sequence increasingly distorted. 02:58
Broken Bells - M. Bedot Sound arpeggios of light bells. 0'36 rhythmic. Electric piano. Sound effects. 02:34
Elegant Man - M. Bedot Synth sequence. Slow rythm. Theme to the synth. Edit point at 1'41 double tempo. 03:13
The Line - M. Bedot Slight electronic percussion, synth rhythmical calm and sequenced, another beaded and aerial. 01:33
Born To Die - C. Espern Intro spacy, synth and effects. Filtered and distorted rhythm. Short and repetitive theme. Stressful. 02:48
Western - G. Goué Energetic rhythm, soft piano, distant melody. 02:17
Interlude - L. Liatard Synth and vibrato, filtered drums. Repetitive acoustic guitar with effects. 02:18
Voyage De Nuit - L. Liatard Crescendo of electric piano rhythm. Melody in the form of a ritornello persisting then rhythmic heavy. 1'06 acoustic piano. 2'32 evolution, several sound elements. 03:37
Phone - C. Mathieu Industrial rhythm, synth sequence. Edit point at 0'38 explosion and sound effects, crystalline texture. 01:23
Deserty - C. Mathieu Rhythmic electro-rock trance. Bass saturated. Electric guitar effect reverse. 0'52 break Synth. Delay on the snare more and more strong. 02:19
Trumpet And Co - C. Mathieu Rhythmic dark, tense effects, strange harmony. Melody in wrong tune on the trumpet. Edit point at 1'37, break guitar, drums. 02:29
Simple Jazz - C. Mathieu Finger snaps, guitare jazz, scratch, melody sung fragile and mysterious. 01:15
The End - C. Mathieu Bass Synth worrying. drums saturated. Crystalline effect. Tribal toms. 01:43
Choose Your Melody - C. Mathieu Texture, arpeggios of marimba, effects. 00:55
Aurora - C. Mathieu Slow organic change. space musique. 01:44
Quatuor pour cordes No20 K499 - I Allegretto Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMWolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Strings Quartet No. 20, K499 in Dmaj. I. Allegretto. Adaptation Quatuor Parisii. Suspense. 00:35
Quatuor pour cordes No20 K499 - II Menuetto Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMWolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Strings Quartet No. 20, K499 in Dmaj. II. Menuetto. Adaptation Quatuor Parisii. 00:22
La Rosa Enflorese - C. Deslignes Traditional, monody, Sephardic song, oriental melody, meditation, sweetness, languor Oral Tradition. Tone 01. 01:43
Andray Soulet - C. Deslignes Ars subtilior, Gothic period, XV, canon with 3 entries, education, learned music, hypnothic, Ars subtilior, Matteo de Perusio 13 ?? - ca 1418. 00:48
Non El So Amante - C. Deslignes Ars Nova, Gothic period, XV, monodie, unknown, decrease of madrigal, codex faenza 1420. 02:00
Ad Mortem Festinamus - C. Deslignes Ars nova, Gothic period, XIII-XIV, monody, para-liturgical use, vermell of montserrat, church, macabre dance, festival, child song, rhyme, irony, sweetness of death. 02:11
Kikimora Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMLiadov Anatoli: Kikimora. Scherzo fantastic. Opus 63. Suspense, tension. End of spring adventure and almost joyous at 5:00. 08:28
Les Préludes Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMFranz Liszt: The Preludes. Orchestral version. Symphonic poem No. 3, S 97. Suspense, mysterious but talkative. Final with heroic and swinging brass. 17:14
Comme Brille l'Etoile du Matin Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMDietrich Buxtehude: Wie schon leuchtet der Morgenstern, Fantaisie, BuxWV 223. Elaboration for Choirs played at the organ. 06:33
Les 4 Saisons : L'Automne - II Adagio molto Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMAntonio Vivaldi: Concerto No.3 in Fmaj, Opus 8, RV293. 02:09
Prélude A Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMJohann Sebastian Bach: Prelude A. 06:00
Prélude en Cmaj Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMDietrich Buxtehude: Prelude in Cmaj. Prelude, Fugue and Chaconne. BuxWV 137. Artistic work for organ. 04:47
Prélude en Dmaj Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMDietrich Buxtehude: Prelude in Dmaj. BuxWV 139. Artistic work for organ. 05:43
Raymonda - Valse Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMAlexander Glazunov: Raymonda. Opus 57. Waltz. Romantic. Majestic, mysterious and adventurous. Opening at 3:25. 04:06
Album pour enfant - Matin d'hiver Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMPiotr Ilitch Tchaikovsky: Children's album, Opus 39 Arranged for chamber orchestra. Winter morning. Mysterious adventure. 00:52
Album pour enfant - Petite mère Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMPiotr Ilitch Tchaikovsky: Children's album, Opus 39 Arranged for chamber orchestra. Little mother. Slightly nostalgic. 01:58
Divertissement K334 - II Thème avec 6 Variations Andante Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMWolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Divertimento K334 320b in Dmaj. II. Thema mit sechs Variationen. Andante. Mysterious, dark, tense. Trance and psychedelic. 11:23
Gloria - Propter magnam gloriam tuam Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMAntonio Vivaldi: Gloria RV 589 in Dmaj for soloists, choirs and orchestra. Allegro. Theme a little warrior and beating. 00:55
Le Casse-Noisette Suite - Danse de la Fée Dragée Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMPiotr Ilitch Tchaikovsky: Suite of the Nutcracker. Opus 71a. Typical Dances, No. 2b. Dance of the Dragon Fairy in Emin. Andante non troppo. 02:01
Le Lac des Cygnes - Pas de Six - VI Variation 5 Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMPiotr Ilitch Tchaikovsky: The Swan Lake. Opus 20, Act 3, No. 19. No Six. VI. Variation 5. Moderato, allegro semplice. Clarinet. Tutti of orchestra at 1:14. Intrigue, mysterious and exotic. 01:30
Valse No14 - B56 en Emin Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMFrédéric Chopin: Waltz No. 14 - B 56 in Emin. 02:53
Aspire Refus - C. Deslignes Courtois, Ars Nova, Gothic, XV, Polyphony 2v, Entertainment, Softness, hobby, Codex Faenza ca 1420. 02:26
Protect - G. Goué Percussion ethnic, bass with glissando, synth in background. 02:53
Alpha Blonde - F. Zgorski Rhythmic with electronic sound effects and percussion. The voice of a child who counts, amuses himself, is deceived, laughs. 03:31
Hangover - F. Zgorski Industrial sound effects, repetitive task of the robot. 04:48
Guarachar - F. Zgorski Groove industrial and solo flute flights on mechanical background. 03:51
Not In My Background - Wu Le Ambiance space puis rapide et rock. EP @ 30s, 1'40 et 2'20. 04:14
Impression Of Qing Hai Province - Wang Xin Sacrifice, tension, néoclassique. EP @ 0'39. QingHai Chine. 02:24
Neolight Neonight - Wu Le Suspens et mystère. EP @ 0'12, 0'53, final pop lyrique. 02:04
Unknown Dangerous Place - Li Ke La peur, le doute, l'inconnu. 01:48
Daisy Bao - F. Lebourg Cymbalum, wind, vibraphone and organ. Internal pulsation, desolation. 01:24
Entry - F. Lebourg Synth in background, organ, guitar chords. Effects. 01:23
Level One - F. Lebourg Probable Koto on windy background. Distributed gaps. 01:08
Saint Leger - F. Lebourg Positive ion particle queuing. 02:14
Autom Three - F. Lebourg Quantum universe. 02:44
Level Two - F. Lebourg Carillon of another world. 00:22
Guzhen Song - T. Chaze Intro Koto, percussion from the Far East. Edit point at 1'42 Orchestral Violins. Sheng. 02:44
Magnum - T. Chaze Dark Rhythmic with, saturated sounds, sound effects and effects. Theme to the violins, high and brilliant in opposition to the rhythmic. Version 60s. 01:00
We Decide Not To Die - P-J Beaudoin Rhythmic of anguishing sounds. Electric piano distorted. Futuristic, experience, mechanical, dark. 02:41
Useless Tool - F. Niobey Acoustic piano and tremolo violins. Harmony suspended. Soft rhythmic. 01:58
Prolifération - M. Biallais Acoustic piano, clarinet. Harmonic tense. Dissonance, orchestral crescendo. 02:13
Dova - J. Pelizzari Intro harp and double bass. Theme played at the harp, played further on the accordion. Discrete rhythmic organ. 02:25
Crafty - J. Pelizzari Flute, and mechanical oboe, mime, robot, clock. 02:28
Diggerthings - P. Sanchez Garcia Dark rhythmic with industrial sounds. Samples various, didgeridoo. Chord suite on synth. 03:17
Trolls - J. Greenhow An organ plays a rhythm and a syncopated melody. Random effects and sound effects.+ 01:47
Entwine - J. Greenhow Several disordered synth sequence, synth backgrounds. Dreamlike. 02:57
Game On - J. Greenhow Bass and electronic percussion. Sound effects. Crystalline synth. 02:51
Tantalise - J. Greenhow Glossy synth sequence and rotating effect. 1'07 Latin rhythm. 02:44
Air Helium - J. Greenhow Airy piano, bass and spacy chords. 03:00
Palaver - J. Greenhow Percussive, strange. Piano, percussions, synths, without order. Accelerated view of crowd or ants. 02:28
Algo Danse - A. Jamot Contemporary piano post-modern ambiance 02:24
Stanlive - T. Chaze Slap basss line and shaker. Sound and low violins. Saturated guitars and various sound elements. Intense, tense. 02:06
Triforce - A. Roy Toy Synthesizer. Guitar distant saturated, tense. World apart, dream, nightmare. 02:58
Iendyn - A. Roy At the borders of percussion and melody. Tormented, narrative. 14:53
Basilic - A. Roy Meli melo of instruments. Double bass, pizz. 02:12
Hohoho - J-P Bigourie Large jazz orchestra, brilliant brass. For an opening song. Loop. 00:14
DĂ©cantation - S. Chaffer Improvisation of a solo didgeridoo, effects and various sounds. Loop. 00:30
Chasse Au Kangourou - S. Chaffer Didgeridoo solo, progressive construction of a rhythm. 04:52
Transe-Plantation - S. Chaffer Didgeridoo solo, improvisation on a rhythm. 02:59
Corde Imaginaire - B. Reeb Texture and saturated singing guitar, percussive synth sequence. 2'09 harmonic change. 04:12
Un Vent De Photons - B. Reeb Brightness of the world: Broad waves of chords diffusing clarity and warmth. Flute with mysterious sound, dance in tribute to the Sun. 02:56
Nostalgie - L. Liatard Intro of electronic sounds. Short and repetitive synth theme. Dense. 2'29, 3'15 breaks. 04:05
English Race - P. Gaillard A synth bass sequence and a rhythm. Intro of filtered drums, percussion. Theme on the synth. 1'07 break of basses. 02:46
Jazzyland - P. Gaillard Jazz drums, double bass, organ with tense chords. Quiet electric piano. Theme on the synth between steel drum and brass. 03:04
Equation - G. Goué Synth effects, double bass, electro drums, electric piano. Theme on the synth. Edit point at 1'29 Harmonic and rhythmic change. 2'08 spacy break. 04:46
Lumière Noire - G. Goué Intro space synth, sequenced synth and brilliant, sound effects. 02:30
Neverland - G. Goué Vibrato synth, double bass, E. Piano and dense drums. Edit point at 1'36. Calm. Voice phone. Sound effects. 03:08
Gypse - G. Goué Singing bass, wide and floating synths. Speech. 03:37
Aziatica - T. Chaze Synth accent, flute, kalimba sequence and other ethnic instruments. Speech in Asian language, koto. 01:45
Gazoline - J-P Vielfaure Violins and synth in unison. Filtered drums. Voice spoke throw phone. 02:57
Lyrique Symphonie - M. Cambefort Arpeggios of harps. Orchestral effects, jumping bassoons. Acoustic piano theme. No voice. 01:11
Energizer - J-P Vielfaure High percussion paning, growing up notes on synth. Rhythmic electronic drums jungle. 04:44
Intergalactica - T. Chaze Synth effects, electric piano with delay. Dialogue between stars. Astral and dreamy. 04:43
Phantom - T. Chaze Effects of percussion, voice and synth with delay and reverb. 01:10
Ayahuaska Thunder - T. Chaze Percussion and sustained rhythm. Thunderbolt. Edit point at 0'35, crystal melody, sound effects. 03:17
Ovni - T. Chaze Several synths, filters and delay. 01:05
Force Fidelite Foi - T. Chaze Electronic convent choirs. Edit point at 0'24, electronic rhythm, synth. 01:00
Secret Message - T. Chaze Several synths, ethnic samples and sound elements. Edit point at 1'18. Repetitive theme on 2 notes. Capharnaum ethnico orchestral. 03:24
Cyber Trash - T. Chaze Sequenced, distorted, agonizing. Version 15s 00:15
Fiberoptic - T. Chaze Sound of insects. Bass guitar, Synth theme with a metallic sound. 0'46s Another quick synth. 01:00
Dark Thub - T. Chaze Texture, dark sounds, heavy rhythm. Violins deep. Edit point at 0'43 cymbal and chorus shouts. Version 30s. 00:30
Engrenage - L. Marie-Sainte Synth Sequence. Improvisation of electronic marimba. Microcosmos industrial. Stellar, sidereal. 01:34
Helium - G. Goué Rhythmic tense, piano posed on the strange vibrato. Edit point at 1'27. Bass linear. 02:55
Software - G. Goué Drums schuffle jazz and double bass, voice of distant singer. Sound effects. 02:48
Santal - G. Goué Far-distance journey. Bass and ethnic violin speech. 04:39
Swing In Sand - P. Gaillard Sound of waves. Piano and synth quiet, harmonic suspense. Edit point at 1'44 break, marimba sequenced. 04:03
Comanche - P. Gaillard Rock band from the '60s. Theme on guitar. Rockabilly. Shadow. Remix electro pop. Version 30s. 00:30
Kriptonight - P. Gaillard Harmonic suite tended to the synth. Repetitive theme of regular notes. Different sounds. 03:02
Fall Miror - P. Gaillard Concert disco pop 03:23
Walt - J-M Boiteux Tremolos of violins. Feminine choirs mmhh, bass. 0'50 Rhythm electric guitar. 02:50
Idéaux - J-M Boiteux Choirs, wind sound, organ. Theme by an ethnic voice. 02:03
Love Shuffle - J-M Boiteux Muted guitar. Groove shuffle. Version 30s. 00:31
Soirée - J-M Boiteux Rhythm disco and synth. Saturated guitar. Resonant global filter. 02:05
Ouh Ba ! - J-M Boiteux Dobro, electric guitar wah wah, organ, drums, ethnic percussions, tribal cries. 01:20
U-Cavu - J-M Boiteux Repetitive theme with dobro and counterpoint on Indian sitar and vibraphone. Trance. 02:28
For Die Thing - J-M Boiteux Ethnic percussion, electric guitar with vibrato and wha wha. Orchestral Accent. Drum break. 01:26
T2B - J-M Boiteux Two mixed batteries, for a complex rhythm. E.Piano and bass follow each other on the melody. 01:31
Uber - J-M Boiteux Jingle industrial. 00:57
Gotan Slow - J-M Boiteux Synth in background. Mechanical percussions. Orchestral Accent. 0'50 break, accents and electric guitar. 04:41
Lost Paradise - J-M Boiteux Intro drums, recitative singing of children, liturgical choirs, saturated guitar. 0'44 solo drums and vocals, 1'24 decrescendo. 02:05