Musiques avec ambiance : Dramatique

titre descriptif 00:00 Album
Abandon All Hope - C. Nouailhaguet Dark, suspenseful and worrying atmosphere. A neoclassical orchestra creates a haunted array for thriller. Orchestra only version. 00:57
Lost In The Crypt - C. Nouailhaguet A dark orchestra builds up a thriller track. Followed by a ghostly atmosphere at 1:28 and a spooky ending at 2:03. Edit point at 0:37, at 1:02, at 1:12, at 1:28, at 2:03. Orchestra only version. 02:53
The Fall Of The Damned - C. Nouailhaguet Mysterious and dark theme that builds with disturbing sound design, tormented synths and percussions. Anxiously descending into (2:31) evil theme with orchestral strings. Edit point at 0:51, at 1:12, at 2:07, at 2:31 at 3:26. Rising action version. 04:06
Eshal - G. Goué A mystery with oriental colors on the edge of the desert. The orchestra is repetitive and dramatic. 02:23
At The Time Of Its Spendour - M. Biallais Tragic, nostalgic. Woman's voice, strings and wood. Dead Can Dance. 04:13
I'm Flying - M. Biallais Meditative, fantastic. Female voices, hovering synthesizers and harp arpeggio. Dead Can Dance. 04:10
Tears - M. Biallais Tragic, plaintive, oriental influence. Woman's voice, strings, woodwind, Asian instruments and percussion. Dead Can Dance, Era. 03:45
Close Encounter - C. Nouailhaguet Modern sci-fi score. Epic build-up, slow rise to power, trailer FX, intense ending scene. Alien ship on approach until a dramatic showdown. Edit point at 1:19, at 2:44, at 3:18. Piano, symphonic orchestra, synths, percussions, sound design. 03:52
Ouroboros - C. Nouailhaguet Modern Bollywood underscore that blends traditional oriental/middle east elements with modern synth pads. Hypnotic, suspenseful and mysterious Indian feel. Edit point at 0:55, at 1:41, at 2:42. World percussions, tabla, santur, duduk, synths. 04:28
Under A Dark Cloud - C. Nouailhaguet Dark and suspenseful neoclassical underscore. Cinematic percussions, orchestra and arpeggiated piano create a sense of investigation. Weird and puzzling atmosphere for contemporary dramas and thrillers. Edit point at 0:49, at 1:53, at 2:57. Symphonic orchestra, piano, percussions, sound design. 03:53
Waltz With Lestat - C. Nouailhaguet Horror movie soundtrack with a darkly haunted intro that builds into symphonic waltz featuring a music box. Sarcastic and creepy atmosphere. Epic and dramatic ending pursuit. Edit point at 1:32, at 1:59, at 3:18. Symphonic orchestra, music box, sound design. 04:19
Flying Snowflakes - C. Nouailhaguet Neo-classical ambient track. A delicate piano and a fragile atmosphere build a sense of emotional and heartfelt drama. Edit point at 1:19 and at 2:41. piano, harp, string. 04:03
Weird Christmas Night - C. Nouailhaguet Short minimalist-like track. Odd and abstract atmosphere featuring Santa's sleigh bellsand piano sequences. Edit point at 0:17 and at 0:49. Piano, Santa’s sleigh bells, glockenspiel. 01:56
The Calm - R. Kothawala Strings only. Atmospheric pulsating underscore with synth pads, synth bass, hints of vocals, dashes of strings. Orchestra-Hybrid, Rhythmic. 01:36
Sub Troubles - C. Nouailhaguet Dark, tragic and tense trap beat. Massive sub bass and gloomy synths for urban drama, crime or investigation. Edit point at 1:10 and at 1:37. TR808, sub bass, synth, vocal fx, groovebox. 02:41
Underground City - C. Nouailhaguet Dark and deep trap track. Hostile and powerful atmosphere for tense scene or dramatic urban action movie. Welcome to the underground gangsta city ! Edit point at 0:43, at 1:41 and at 2:09. Synth, sub bass, TR808, groovebox, vocal fx. 02:47
Battle Lines - L.J. Cedar A powerful and dramatic orchestral track that build to a big crescendo. Great for a fim Trailer or Film or TV cue. Epic, Dramatic, Expansive, Huge, Tense, Powerful. Strings, Brass, Horns, Drums,Timpani, Militrary Snare. 00:40
Bond Street - L.J. Cedar Dramatic building piece that's perfect for thriller or spy film trailer. Dramatic, Cinematic, Epic, Tense, Vintage, Spy, Driving, Powerful. 1960's, 60's, suave, British, elegant. Wurlitzer, Strings, Horns, Dulcimer, Flute, Drums, Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, Synthesizer. Henry Mancini, John Barrie. 02:05
Concerti Di Firenze - L.J. Cedar A powerful and dramatic orchestral track that build to a big crescendo. Great for a fim Trailer or advertising spot. Expansive, Energetic, Glamorous, Epic, Dramatic, Italian, Concerto, Orchestral, epic, Assertive, Powerful, emotional. Strings, Flutes, Drums, Horns, Brass, Piano. 01:00
Dunder Dragons - L.J. Cedar An electric guitar led dramatic track great for tense TV-Film cue. Cinematic, Dramatic, Looming, Tense, Energetic, Powerful, Confident. Guitar, Strings, Drums, Synthesizer, Horns, Brass. 00:45
Submarine Patrol - L.J. Cedar An Epic and cinematic Orchestral cue perfect for a dramatic and tense Film, TV cue, Film Trailer or Video Game. Epic, Dramatic, Expansive, Huge, Tense, Powerful, Cinematic, Driving, Strong. Strings, Drums, Horns, Brass. Hans Zimmer, James Newton Howard. 01:20
Cyborg Society 80 - C. Nouailhaguet CS80 in the way of Vangelis. Cinematic atmosphere with subs impacts. Impact at 00:15, theme at 00:36, ambiance at 01:45. CS80 synth, subs impacts, sound design fx. 02:38
Deus Ex Machina - C. Nouailhaguet Tense arpeggiator, loud electro beat and a full orchestra bring a large choir in crescendo. Electronic drum, synth, orchestra, choir, sound design fx. 30 seconds version. 00:32
In Limbo - C. Nouailhaguet Strange floating loop of marimba, drone with a sense of darkness and loss. Followed by a very large choir. Choir at 00:29, edit point at 00:51, ambience at 01:31. Marimba, synth drone, sound design fx, large choir. 01:56
Last Heroes Memories - C. Nouailhaguet Introduced by piano like a souvenir, an orchestra deploys a crescendo with heroic brass. Edit point at 01:04, theme crescendo at 01:36. Piano, orchestra with full brass. 02:34
Manga Kissa - C. Nouailhaguet Pulsing synths, electronic drums fx and orchestral strings work together to produce an action and tense scene. Orchestra version. 00:41
The 9th Circle - C. Nouailhaguet Sad and anxious opening followed by haunting baroque piano. Church bell with sample fx create mysterious and dark ambience. Piano, church bell, synth pad, strings, choir, orchestra percussions. Underscore choir version. 02:08
Unexpected Cello - C. Nouailhaguet Cello melody drived by a rock orchestration. Electric bass, drums, electric guitar, solo cello, synth. Underscore version. 01:16
Plan Of Strategy - R. Luczak 30' version. Dark, Suspense Orchestral theme, Dramatic Female Vocalise 00:31
Syndicate of Crime - R. Luczak 30' version. Dramatic Orchestra and Choir theme. 00:27
All The Drama - S. Sibanda Cinematic, Orchestral, Dramatic, Suspens, Big orchestra, Percussions. Deep in thought, ambient, spacey, galaxy, dream, grunge bass, pads, soupy, drama, film score, action, drone. 00:53
Always A Suspect - S. Sibanda Cinematic, Orchestral, Dramatic, Suspens, Texture, Bruitages. Deep in thought, ambient, spacey, galaxy, dream, grunge bass, pads, soupy, drama, film score, action, drone. 01:54
Art of war - S. Sibanda Cinematic, Orchestral, Dramatic, Suspens, Big orchestra, Bruitages. Deep in thought, ambient, spacey, galaxy, dream, grunge bass, pads, soupy, drama, film score, action, drone. 02:21
Cant Forget - S. Sibanda Cinematic, Orchestral, Dramatic, Romantic, Strings, Acoustic piano. Lite Version. Deep in thought, ambient, spacey, galaxy, dream, grunge bass, pads, soupy, drama, film score, action, drone. 02:40
Clossing in - S. Sibanda Cinematic, Dramatic, Haunting, Texture, Percussions. Deep in thought, ambient, spacey, galaxy, dream, grunge bass, pads, soupy, drama, film score, action, drone. 01:58
A Cathedral In The Sun - P. Grinholc Majestic, Ceremonial Church Organ 01:56
Cathedral Doors - P. Grinholc Majestic, Triumphant Church Organ solo 02:04
Passacalle - GD 78 Piano, violin and viola for this romantic, lyrical and dramatic piece. 05:58
Dramatic - GD 78 Evolutive soundtrack for dramatic and deep scene film. 02:58
Woodkid - A. Mazure Slow arpeggios of marimba. Violins and drums. Slow and catchy melody. Rhythm of floor toms. 04:26
Song For Winners - L. Dubé Kick. Slow synth sequence. Deep bass. 80s. Guitar heros at the end. 02:56
Dead Forest - R. Bednarczuk Dramatic Cello Impression. 02:44
Pusher - R. Luczak Rhythmic, Pulsing, Dramatic theme. 30' version 00:30
Dangerous Hours - V. Kuryluk Dramatic, Motoric, Suspense theme. Full Orchestra. Alternative version, No Choir. 02:05
Dangerous Time - V. Kuryluk Dramatic, Dark, Suspense theme.Full Orchestra and Choir. 30' version 00:32
Dramatic Moment - V. Kuryluk Tension. Dramatic, Determined theme.Full Orchestra and Choir. 30' version 00:30
In The Front Line - V. Kuryluk Motoric, Dramatic, Solemn theme. Full Orchestra. Alternative version, No Choir. 02:19
Remembrance - V. Kuryluk Reflective, Solemn theme. Piano, Full Orchestra, Choir. 30' version 00:27
Tombs Of Heroes - V. Kuryluk Serious, Dramatic, Solemn theme. Full Orchestra, Choir. 30' version 00:30
The Weightless Drifts - M. Sweeting Movie orchestra, hudge landscape, space. It starts with fx and harp line, then the orchestra gives a new dimension to the rest of this peace of music, very impressive till the end. 04:31
Close To Destination - G. Suski Dramatic melody featuring Oriental Instuments. Female voices. 02:53
Danger Of War - P. Gnaczynski Serious, Dramatic music. Military drama. Full Orchestra. Alternative version, no choir 01:51
No More Wars - P. Gnaczynski Dramatic melody featuring strings, brass. Alternative version, no choir 02:04
Point Of Honour - P. Gnaczynski Dramatic, Motoric, Determined theme. Patriotic, Glory. Full Orchestra. Alternative version, no choir 01:53
Police Info - R. Luczak Dramatic, Pulsing orchestral and synth theme 30' short version 00:34
Reminiscences Of september '39 - P. Gnaczynski Dramatic, Motoric, Determined theme. Full Orchestra, Alternative version, no choir 01:44
Third look - G. Bozewicz Bandoneon classical melodic theme over light string arrangement 02:34
Diary - M. Hertel Dramatic, Reflective motif. Grand Piano 01:29
Nightmares - M. Hertel Dramatic, Anxious motif. Grand Piano 02:03
Polish Echoes - M. Hertel Dramatic, Anxious motif. Polonaise. Grand Piano. 02:51
Code X 3 - P. Gnaczynski 30' version. Dreadful theme. Full Orchestra, Choir creating Dramatic, Suspenseful Scene. Catastrophic Vision, Dynamic. Powerful. 00:27
Code X 5 - P. Gnaczynski 30' version. Full Orchestra and Choir. Music for Action, Demons, War, Pursuit. Dynamic. Powerful 00:33
East And West - R. Bednarczuk Delicate, Subtle, Muted Strings. Expressive theme 01:59
Nobody But You - R. Bednarczuk Emotional Strings for Bulding Emotion, Dramatic 01:27
Precognition - R. Bednarczuk Positive, energetic, emotional orchestral theme for Natural World, Landscape 03:53
River Attack - V. Kuryluk Dramatic Tension. Cinematic Orchestra. Brass theme. Orchestra Adventure Film Score. 02:22
Fateful Years - P. Gnaczynski underscore version 01:14
Growing Tension - P. Gnaczynski Dynamic, powerful action 01:12
Restless Days - M. Hertel Tension, dramatic. Only grand piano and pizzicato cello. Ostinato, motoric sequences. 02:33
The Russian Revolution - P. Gnaczynski underscore version 01:21
The World Crisis - P. Gnaczynski underscore version 01:34
Make It Extreme - J. Goodwin Rock - Heavy rock drive. 00:57
Exhumus - J. Goodwin Drama - Chorale drama build with orchestra. 00:48
East Of Darkness - J. Goodwin Drama - Eastern vibe synth strings 04:45
Wierd And Evil - J. Goodwin Drama - fx percussion with ramp. 00:34
Laceration - J. Goodwin FX. 00:23
Mangle Mist - J. Goodwin Drama - Horror drama scary build. 01:28
Mortal Mortar - J. Goodwin FX 00:10
Nostrilomopus - J. Goodwin Techno - drama ambient anthem. 02:30
Robo Grassiass - J. Goodwin Groove - Funky groove drama. 01:16
Good And Evil - J. Goodwin Drama - drums with guitar. 00:34
Hasbeen - J. Goodwin Rock - Contemporary rock drama. 02:01
Flailure - J. Goodwin FX. Shot. 00:12
Flange Blast - J. Goodwin FX. Splash. 00:10
Cluster - J. Goodwin FX. Cluster Sting. 00:24
Crisp - J. Goodwin FX. Crisp Bang W Orch. 00:15
Crypt - J. Goodwin FX. Crypt Cry. 00:10
Distorto Scream - J. Goodwin FX 00:07
Action - J. Goodwin Rock - Hard Rock drama. 00:57
Angel O'Doom - J. Goodwin Drama - Horror ramp. 00:07
Angel Spike - J. Goodwin Drama - Horror slam. 00:06
Angels Breath - J. Goodwin Drama - Horrror hit. 00:14
Atmosdrama - J. Goodwin Drama - drums synth and ramp. 00:26
Buck - J. Goodwin FX 00:13
The Battle Rages On - T. Stoilkovski Ominous, epic strings meet big percussion and choir with a tenacious, hungry attitude. (Version 30s) 00:30
Courage Of Champions - T. Stoilkovski Striking intro of electric guitar, choir and strings leads to a powerful, sonic climbing journey. Irlandais, U2. Puissante, positive. 01:48
Stranger Than Fiction - T. Stoilkovski A dramatic, powerful and relentless crossover of sci fi atmosphere with strings, languid lead and detuned rhythm guitars, sampled vox, powerful strings and electro distorted drums. Dramatic sci fi organic electronica. EP @ 1'11. 02:41
Scarecrow - T. Stoilkovski An ominous emo techno horror thriller braced with grinding bass lines, effects and razor induced guitars laid upon racing electro organic drums. A journey toward the heart of fear and paranoia within your very mind. Ominous tech rock electronica. 03:59
Powerful Force - T. Stoilkovski Massive and ominous orchestral and percussive buildup. Prepare for battle. 02:02
Love Desire - T. Stoilkovski Dramatic and emotionally driven melodic pop electro ballad with sparkles of country tinged orbison style guitars with lush strings, pads and plenty of style. A beautiful woman dancing atop the Eiffel tower whilst Paris shines at night. 02:37
Half Human - T. Stoilkovski An electro beat induced journey with percussion that dominates an atmosphere filled with electric piano, edgy guitars, lavish string bridge and cold war synths. As if humans are becoming an empire of androids. Electronic progressive big beat. Version 30s. 00:30
Astro Groove - C. Espern Deep rhythmic, evolutionary sequenced synth. Synth violin theme. 1'06 new rhythm. Riff of piano. 01:52
Woman in Chaos - C. Espern Very wide Synthes. Deep bass. Sequences and voice sample. Action and emotion. Edit point at 2'08. Very powerful rhythm. 04:18
Help Emergency - E. Hildebert Ostinato of violins and heavy rhythm of toms. Edit point at 1'06, Part B with acoustic piano, faraway vocal and violin. 02:23
The Triumph - L.J. Cedar Classical drama, rising to a news worthy crescendo. Good for news type programme. Dramatic, Driving, Bold, Capable, Impatient, Urgent, Expansive, Complex. 00:57
Adagio Dramatico - L.J. Cedar Emotional and dramatic orchestral string piece. Reminicent of Samual Barber.. Emotional, Emotive, Sad, Pensive, Suspenseful, Moving, Samuel Barber. 00:41
New Moon - L.J. Cedar Regal and uplifting piece with Piano, Strings, Choir, Brass and Drums. Inspired by Royksopp and The Beatles.. Regal, Epic, Heroic, Valiant, Graceful, Noble, Positive, Uplifting, Fresh, Refreshing, Grandiose, Grandiose, Expansive, Exciting. 02:00
Private Mission - L.J. Cedar Dramatic, Cinematic, melodic and purposeful modern classical piece. Great for TV Film credits or main theme.. Big, Rousing, Building, Climactic, Classical, Dramatic, Epic, Heroic, Purposeful. 05:24
Someday - L.J. Cedar Classic 90's RockPop ballad with male vocals.. 1990's Style, Hopeful, Dramatic, Sweet, Romantic, Ballad. 05:54
Time Is Deflected - L.J. Cedar Tense Strings and modern rhythms with medical drama _ERĂ® feel includes ECG sound Heart monitor machine sounds.. Tense, Dramatic, Ponderous. 01:06
The Secret Door - O. Olsen Arpeggios of harp, long notes of double basses then orchestra. Disturbing harmony. 00:58
Chaghen - J. Pelizzari Violins wide and soft, ethnic violin. Ethereal melody. Violin solo. Ethnic instruments type Kemanche, Chagane or Erhu. 03:35
The Spirit Of The Hearth - O. Olsen Arpeggios of harp, long notes of violins then orchestra. Horn. Edit point at 0'51 rhythmic percussion. 1'32 timpani. 02:14
Hammamet Blues - M. Madoré Orchestral. Dark chords progression. 1'12 Staccato piano of double basses. 1'33 Staccato of violins creating tension. 02:44
Strings nightmare - A. Jamot Melody tense on the cello. Rhythmic rubber synth. Violin in response. Jazz drums. Overall tense. 03:52
Territoires exploration - A. Jamot Synth effects, texture, experimental, performance, mass in motion, industrial sound effects, electronic buzz. 06:25
Territoires L'usine - A. Jamot Synth effects, texture, electronic sound sequence, reverb. 00:44
Xca Fly race - A. Jamot Panoramic glissandos of synth effects with different waveforms, variation of tone, timbre. 03:38
Dark country - l'usine - A. Jamot Staccato of violins, oboe and flute for a complex melody. Edit point at 1'11, offset flutes, 2'24 marimba. 03:36
Dark country - le commencement - A. Jamot Earthquake and orchestral drama effects. 03:11
Oresteia balade triste - A. Jamot Melody played on violins and cellos. Acoustic piano low notes. 1'12 Chords and melody on piano, pizz. 07:48
Swedish afternoon - A. Jamot Alternations of tension, suspense, horror, calm and mysterious. 05:22
Brumes l'arrivée - A. Jamot Orchestra, low notes of acoustic piano lined by a trumpet, phrasing of orchestra, tremolos of violins. 02:18
Drama valse - A. Jamot Ethnic flute with effect, trombone and ethnic instrument. Effects, staccato of violins, oboe and then brass theme, gong. Edit point at 2'05 break. 05:51
Erreur horreur - A. Jamot Repetitive and fast violins. 06:30
Suspicious grooves - A. Jamot Tensioned drums, crazy acoustic piano. Repetitive bass. Other crazy instruments. 06:22
Brumes l'angoisse - A. Jamot Contemporary orchestra, masses of sound, tension, anguish. 01:38
Orange l'echo trompeur - A. Jamot Dark, intriguing. Exchanges piano brass. Stravinsky, Rimsky-korsakov. 02:30
Brumes des brumes - A. Jamot Orchestral long notes, anxiety, tension. 02:04
Turquerie le grand Ă©cart - A. Jamot Intro and end after Lully, La turquerie. Death of the composer. Progression of the enemy. 03:58
Territoire 1 - A. Jamot Synth effects, texture, rumble, electronic sounds very low and very high. Anxiogenic orchestra blast. 03:28
Sleep Forever - C. Espern Spacy Synth. Acoustic piano arpeggios for the theme. Violins, sound effects, electric guitar. 02:56
Wind Walk - C. Espern Synth in background, heartbeat. Progressive harmony, acoustic piano and addition of other sound elements. 2'43 break. 04:34
Ouverture Espagnole No1 Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMMikhail Ivanovitch Glinka: Capriccio brilliant on the theme of Aragonese Jota. Jota aragonesa. Part 1. Orchestral, suspense, adventure, tribal, warrior. 02:09
Chansons Tziganes pour violon et orchestre Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMPablo Sarasate: Gypsy songs for violin and orchestra. Introduction. Majestic, powerful and sensual. 00:56
Le Lac des Cygnes - Pas de Six - III Variation 2 Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMPiotr Ilitch Tchaikovsky: The Swan Lake. Opus 20, Act 3, No. 19. No Six. III. Variation 2. Andante con molto. Part 2. Orchestral. 00:53
Concerto 4 violons et orch Op3 No10 - II Largo Larghetto Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMAntonio Vivaldi: Concerto No.10 in Bmin for 4 violins and orchestra. Opus 3, RV580. II. Largo, Larghetto. Strange, mysterious, dark and slightly sad. 03:18
Album pour enfant - A l'église Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMPiotr Ilitch Tchaikovsky: Children's album, Opus 39 Arranged for chamber orchestra. At the church. Mysterious and strange from 2:00. 02:41
Divertissement K334 - II Thème avec 6 Variations Andante Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMWolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Divertimento K334 320b in Dmaj. II. Thema mit sechs Variationen. Andante. Mysterious, dark, tense. Trance and psychedelic. 11:23
Gloria - Domine deus Agnus Dei Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMAntonio Vivaldi: Gloria RV 589 in Dmaj for soloists, choirs and orchestra. Adagio. Contralto. Mysterious and sad. 04:44
Gloria - Gratias agimus tibi Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMAntonio Vivaldi: Gloria RV 589 in Dmaj for soloists, choirs and orchestra. Adagio. Almost sad. 00:30
Gloria - Qui tollis peccata mundi Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMAntonio Vivaldi: Gloria RV 589 in Dmaj for soloists, choirs and orchestra. Adagio. Lyric, sad, powerful and trance. 01:32
Le Lac des Cygnes Suite - Scène Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMPiotr Ilitch Tchaikovsky: Suite of the Swan Lake. Opus 20, Act 2, No. 10. Scene. Moderato. Romantic, almost dark adventure. 03:19
Time - G. Goué Rhythmic sound effects. Melody calm on the electric piano. Machines, automatons and robotics. Urban spring industry. 01:52
Stressed Town - P. Gaillard Electric piano with panoramic effect. RnB drums, synth bass. High bass riff. Edit point at 2'21. Melody stretched on the fretless bass. 05:02
After The Hell - C. Nouailhaguet Deep note of piano and synth. Violins. 01:39
Devil Come - Zhou Zhi Yong Attente, suspense, ponctué de roulement de caisse claire. 00:49
Devil House Approach - Zhou Zhi Yong Angoissant, suspens maximum. 01:02
Slowly Rising Up - Wu Le Final, conclusion. Ce qui devait arriver, arriva. 01:21
Disaster Coming Soon - Long Yun Lente mélodie ponctuée de percussions angoissantes. 03:18
Final Battle - Li Ke En avant vers la victoire. 01:01
Impression Of He Bei Province - Wang Xin Retour du héros, fin heureuse. HeBei. Chine. 01:02
Ninth Mystère - P-J Beaudoin Intro pizz of double bass. Electric piano arpeggios with tense harmonies. Wide violins, discreet brass. Slow ritornello distortion. 1'01 It goes wrong. 01:26
Alert Station - F. Niobey Police movie. Preparations, action. Version 10s 00:10
Valse Fantome - M. Biallais Orchestral section of brass and violins, tense harmony. Timbales and choirs. 0'53 part B Oboe. 02:01
Préméditation - M. Biallais Mysterious phrase of double basses supplemented by the violins. Tense harmony. Joined by brass. Tremolo of violins. 1'07 solo cello theme. 1'21 rhythmic violins. 02:12
Agitation - M. Biallais Snare roll, tense violins and brass, triangle. 02:30
DĂ©solation - M. Biallais Dark and grave orchestra. Start of violins. 1'04 soft timbales. 02:28
Esparaguas Castle - T. Chaze Tended chords progression on the violins, choirs, anxiogenic phrases on the double basses. Sound effects. 02:12
Barnes Chaze - T. Chaze Violins and orchestral brass, rhythm of sound effects. Acoustic piano in arpeggios. Science fiction, panting, anxiety. 02:06
The Flood - T. Chaze Distant effects, tribal percussions. anxiogenic, spacy, psychedelic. 02:35
Victory - T. Chaze Synth sequence. Dramatic theme with powerful sound, fine synth kitch. '70s. 02:17
Envol - T. Chaze Quick synth sequence, timpani, violins and tubular bells. 03:10
Yambottle - T. Chaze Melody blown into a bottle. Synthé années 80. Heavy rhythm. 04:06
Moscou - T. Chaze Choeur profond, voix principale et réponses. Intervention de synthé. 00:58
Sweepsteak - T. Chaze Electronic race, the stress of the modern city. Version 30s 00:30
Your Cab Is Ok - T. Chaze Dark synth. Guitar delay. Tribal drum in the background. Jingle 30s. 00:30
Xenon - G. Goué Nervous rhythm. Anxiogenic sounds. Cool melody at synth. Edit point at 0, 54, Part B, 1'18, calm. 03:08