Musique avec instrument : Scratch

titre descriptif 00:00 Album
Christmas Jack Trip Hop - E. Hildebert Rhythmic electro and sound images. Mechanical and rhythmic sounds, melody of bells and various instruments. Arpeggios of electric piano. 02:44
Jam blocks - J. Brown Soul - RnB, Drum n Bass, Positive, Organ, Scratch, Sample. Soul music, Rhythm and Blues, Love, Feelgood, Party Music. 02:24
Lets work - J. Brown Hip Hop - Rap, Urban, Suspens, Acoustic piano, Drum machine, Scratch. Soul music, Rhythm and Blues, Love, Feelgood, Party Music. 02:21
Life - J. Brown Soul - RnB, Hip Hop - Rap, Urban, Adventure, Acoustic piano, Drum machine, Scratch. Soul music, Rhythm and Blues, Love, Feelgood, Party Music. 02:31
Magic - J. Brown Soul - RnB, Hip Hop - Rap, Positive, Relaxed, Electric piano, Synth bass, Scratch. Soul music, Rhythm and Blues, Love, Feelgood, Party Music. 02:32
The Music - M. Jacobs Techno, Trance, Suspens, Psychedelic, Synth, Drum machine, Scratch. Drum and Bass, sports, extreme, energegetic, action, soccer, rugby. 02:57
Play That Music - T. Stoilkovski Sampled male scratchy voice intro into a smooth, lay down the beat funk blues pop with female vox. Suburban Dreams. 02:24
Water Groove - D Agostino Metronome and electro rhythm with bass synth. Waiting, unfolding situation. 03:34
Itch2Scratch - M. Caen Latino flavoured groove with hooky brass. Retro Grooves for a Modern World. 02:26
Underlemon 1 - J. Goodwin Ska - echo guitar with funky horns vox fx. 00:18
90s V5 - J. Goodwin Electronic Hip Hop - Synth hop. 00:24
90S V6 - J. Goodwin Electronic - Synth hop with piano guitar trumpet. 00:22
Scratch 'N' Sniff - J. Goodwin Groove - Loop with bass. 00:30
Take It Back - J. Goodwin Groove Urban - Drama DMX style hard hop. 00:49
Messy Idiot - J. Goodwin Groove Urban Hip Hop - Misssy Elliot style funky hiphop vocal. 02:36
Philly Cheese - J. Goodwin Dramedy - Rocky inspired funky busy anthem. 01:00
Fox Hop - J. Goodwin Groove - Outkast hommage. 01:05
Chatting Cat - J. Goodwin ID - Groove with fx. 00:12
Chili Chipmunk - J. Goodwin Rock - Upbeat chilipepper. 00:53
Dusty Divas 4 Ga - J. Goodwin Groove - Funky mid tempo compelling mystery vibe. 01:03
Alberta Foisgras - J. Goodwin Groove - Funky retro fat boy groove. 01:20
Booty Maverick - J. Goodwin Groove Urban - Piano and loop with scratch. 00:32
Miles - P. Hippert 30 second News Themes. News - Current Affairs - Broadcast. News Journal 00:33
Cool Stroll - M. Harris Showing of the moves with the cool funky strut. Funk - Soul - Groove. Media Promos 2 01:45
Cosmos Junk - M. Harris Dred lick meets trip hop, lots of edit points. Funk - Soul - Groove. Media Promos 2 01:36
Funky Patio - J. Barrett Get out the barbecue & drinks. Let's party! Funk - Soul - Groove. Media Promos 2 02:11
Hands Up Yeah! - M. Harris Getting ready to do something big. Dance - Jungle - Techno - House. Media Promos 2 01:41
In The Pocket - Y. Mounier Medium funk groove, jazzy saxophones, DJ scratches. World Music - Ethnic - Culture. Culture Groove 02:33
Tonights The Night - M. Harris Very syncopated, slow & funky. Dance - Jungle - Techno - House. Media Promos 2 01:55
My Head Just Won't Stop - T. Stoilkovski An ultra diverse mish mash of hip hop, urban, groove and pop rock organic with harp, vibrato guitars, scratching and sampled vocals with the essential feel of an underground trip hop stylization. Waking up in smoky underground club with your pajamas still on. Underground urban groove beat rock. 04:20
Funky Candy - T. Stoilkovski Energetic, vibrant, bubblegum coated, funky groove with scratches, big beat drums and sweet female vocals. Like going on a high speed time lapse through an amusement park. EP @ 0'53. 02:37
Can't Stop Moving - T. Stoilkovski Dance based synth driven beat with funky guitars, piano splashes, string pads and cool synths. 03:12
Cheap Talk - T. Stoilkovski Drum and bass odd time minimal percussive beat with streetwise cello and ambient jazz touch. Virgule. 00:02
Pulserelay - J. Pelizzari Spacy synth, slow rhythm, funky bass, scratch, violins. 03:35
E-menuet - A. Jamot According to Lully, the bourgeois gentleman Acte III the minuet. Electronic synthesizer and sound effects. 01:43
Simple Jazz - C. Mathieu Finger snaps, guitare jazz, scratch, melody sung fragile and mysterious. 01:15
Dixit Session - C. Mathieu Riff violins and piano. Ttelephone sounding. Repetitive. Edit point at 0109. Piano solo and scratch. 02:36
Black Polar - C. Mathieu Ostinato of electric guitar. Electronic drums and percussion. Saxophone solo. 03:04
Robotic Wake up - P. Gaillard Intro mosquito synth. Deep drums. Repetitive bass. Sound effects. 04:50
Click And Smoke - P. Sanchez Garcia Rhythm based on onomatopoeias and sound effects. 01:17
Kubblo - J. Pelizzari Scratch. Different synths and sound elements combine to form a coherent whole. 02:52
Crazy - T. Chaze Bass synth. Groove RnB, scratch, constant buzz. Riff synth. Cries, various samples. 02:25
Zinnia - J. Pelizzari Crystal electric piano, synth bass, scratch. Solo electric guitar. 03:40
Hip No - T. Chaze Synth low and deep, disturbing, anxiogenic. Slow and saturated drums. Edit point at 01'18 break. 02:36
Nike Theme 2 - T. Chaze Filtered drums, guitars and scratch. Hey. 00:52
Big Boss - T. Chaze Riffs of insistent synths. Drum saturated. Effects. 02:30
Cyclotron - T. Chaze Rhythm based on onomatopoeias and sound effects. Repetitive Synth Riff. Edit point at 60s, heavy drums, tense synth. 02:50
Software - G. Goué Drums schuffle jazz and double bass, voice of distant singer. Sound effects. 02:48
Comanche - P. Gaillard Rock band from the '60s. Theme on guitar. Rockabilly. Shadow. Remix electro pop. Version 30s. 00:30
Pou - J-M Boiteux Scratch. Groove electro, rhythm guitar, percussion. 02:09