Musique avec instrument : Cymbalum

titre descriptif 00:00 Album
Goodbye - D Agostino Mystery, waiting, tension. Harp descent at 0'50. 02:11
Bonsai Tea - J. Barrett Yanchin melody features Dumbeck, Hon Crecker, Cymbals & Bells. World Music - Ethnic - Culture. Ethnic Journey 02:54
Chinese Flute - J. Barrett Authentic Chinese flute with harp accompaniment. World Music -Ethnic - Culture. Exotic Themes and Places 03:38
Trance Piece Transe, répétitive. Fusion. Suspens, mystérieuse. 04:16
Kings Cup Début étrange, ouverture world aventure à 1'30. 03:17
Culture Club Reggae Printanière, caraïbe, Sega. Danse, fête. 03:17
Medzari - J. Pelizzari Ethnic instruments type Ney, Qanun, Kemanche, Chagane, on synth inback ground. Oriental ambience, majestic, lyrical. Meditation. 02:22
Sukota - J. Pelizzari Dialogue between an Erhu or Chinese violin and a koto, crystal percussion. Wide synth in background, discreet. 03:40
Azadir - J. Pelizzari Violins in background and ethnic violin. Other ethnic instruments type Kemanche, Chagane. 03:36
Dzernia - J. Pelizzari Cymbalum and orchestral violins. Melody played by an ethnic instrument. Duduk or Zokra. Airy. 02:30
Anvarleili - J. Pelizzari Song and ethnic violin with oriental phrasing for the melody. Large orchestral phrases of oriental violins. Cimbalom. 05:00
Ibiza - J-M Boiteux Simple and repetitive synth theme. Steel drum. 1'39 break. 04:16
Daisy Bao - F. Lebourg Cymbalum, wind, vibraphone and organ. Internal pulsation, desolation. 01:24
Hyan - F. Lebourg Koto and Far East song. Call of the Hyan. 01:20
Level Four - F. Lebourg Cymbalum, notes spaced, long silence. 01:06
Level Three - F. Lebourg Astral clock percussion. 00:30
Too Long - F. Lebourg Speech between an electron and a breath. 01:10
Acymba - J. Pelizzari Melody played on the piano or the cymbalum. Typical rhythmic tango with double bass, percussion, organ and accordion. Tango electro world, Gotan Project. 02:10
Zenith - T. Chaze Darbuka, accordion and percussion. Oud, bass, sample of ethnic voice. Saturated Synth. 03:39
Krishna - T. Chaze Indian sitar, tabla, tampoura and indian oboe. 02:16
Istambul - G. Wilmot Repetitive cymbalum phrase. Darbuka. Duduk. Ankle bells. 02:12
Katia And Vlad - T. Chaze Background of violins. Melody with the cymbalum. Jingle 30s. 00:30