Musique avec instrument : Contrebasse

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Midnight In Havana - S. Blackburn Latin style combo in a small club plays a slow seductive tango for lovers. Romantic, Exotic, Nostalgic, Smoky, Latin, Cuba. Retro, Easy, Cuba. Accordion melody, Acoustic Bass, Latin Percussion, Guitar Rhythm, Piano. 02:42
Cha Cha Guitar - M. Caen Crisp Latin fusion groove, upright bass, nylon guitar, nylon and ukulele melodies. Latin, Acoustic, Relaxed, Happy, Sunny, Fresh, Sophisticated, Drinks, Bright. 02:24
Free Floating - M. Caen Moody jazzy cool groove with nylon guitar melody, upright bass, swirling electric guitar atmospheres. Sophisticated, Clean, Relaxed, Modern, Jazz, Slow, Acoustic, Gentle, Soft. 02:28
Spanish Passion - M. Caen Spanish-style acoustic guitar , with Spanish percussion and beat , upright bass, and strings. Relaxed, Acoustic, Gentle, Smooth, Easy, Chilled, Soft, Bright, Spanish, Bullfight. 02:07
Toreador - M. Caen Laid-back Spanish-style acoustic guitar, castanets, gentle groove, piano and bass. Relaxed, Acoustic, Gentle, Smooth, Easy, Chilled, Morning, Soft, Bright, Spanish, Bullfight. 03:01
Bop Shoo Bop - A. Naylor Swing feel double bass, drums, piano and acoustic guitars with doo wop vocal group. Doo Wop, Fifties, Radio, Bright, Easy, Old Fashioned, Retro, Carefree. 02:07
Crazy Man Crazy - A. Naylor Rocking electric rhythm guitars over solid bass and drums with sax and guitar melodies. Fast, Party, Retro, Beach, Happy, Retro, Nostalgic, Fifties, Driving. 02:07
Mr Lonely - A. Naylor Gentle ballad style with sax and guitar melodies over bass, drums, piano and acoustic guitars. Fifties, Easy, Lonely, Retro, Outdoors, Romantic, Drive-in, Nostalgia. 02:08
Rockin Daddy-O - A. Naylor Up-tempo rock with acoustic bass, rolling drums, piano and vocal group with sax. Fast, Party, Retro, Hop, Happy, Retro, Nostalgic, Fifties, Driving, Dance. 02:08
Tick Tock Rock - A. Naylor Slapped double bass, lively snare drum, acoustic and electric guitars with swinging sax. Upbeat, Driving, Retro, Happy, Bright, Fifties, Bouncy, Nostalgic, Hop, Dance. 02:07
Sorrowful - S. Sibanda Cinematic, Romantic, Adventure, Acoustic piano, Strings, Contrabass. Deep in thought, ambient, spacey, galaxy, dream, grunge bass, pads, soupy, drama, film score, action, drone. 01:40
Isithembiso - S. Sibanda World - African, Ballad, Calm, Positive, Acoustic guitar, Contrabass. Africa, south african, jive, party, Shebeen, Positive, afro soul. 05:01
Magnificent - S. Sibanda Ballad, Romantic, Relaxed, Acoustic piano, Contrabass. Bass and Piano Version. Light Hearted. 03:02
My Child - M. Marco Jazz, Bossa-nova, Relaxed, Acoustic piano, Contrabass. Universal, romantic, love, wedding, Positive, soulful. 04:21
Remember SA - S. Sibanda Ballad, Relaxed, Acoustic piano, Contrabass. Universal, romantic, love, wedding, Positive, soulful. 02:13
Tension Lasts - S. Sibanda Cinematic, Tense, Contrabass, Synth. Edit Point at 0'40, Drum in. Tension, Moody, Horror, Suspense, Pads, Drone, Underscore. 01:42
Blues For Clari - J. Barrett Clarinet, electric piano, acoustic bass and brushes. A club small band. Easy, Light, Travel, World, Bright, Jazz, Friendly. 03:13
Into The Sunset - J. Barrett Strings, dulcimer, acoustic bass, electric guitar, percussion. Smooth piece with triplet feel. Easy, Light, Romantic, Travel, World, Jazz, Relaxed, Cruising, Sunny. 03:23
No Introduction - J. Barrett Alto sax, acoustic bass, Rhodes piano and soft strings. A moody ballad. Easy, Light, Travel, World, Jazz, Slow, Complex,. 03:11
Silhouette - J. Barrett Flute, Rhodes piano, marimba, acoustic bass and triangle. Easy, Light, Romantic, Travel, World, 1960s, Sixties, Spy, Gentle. 03:17
Walk Away - J. Barrett Tenor sax, acoustic bass, Rhodes piano and brushes. A slinky jazz track. Easy, Light, Travel, World, Walking, Sidewalk, Hussle, Sleezy, Jazz. 02:59
J'aime La Vie - A. Cardillo Classic jazz happy French, guitar, clarinet and synth. Instrumental. Easy, Light, Romantic, Travel, World, French, Tango, Bright, Modern, Classic, Happy, Instrumental. 02:23
Beautiful Day - GD 78 Happy and positive jazz ballad played by organ, tenor saxophone, contrabass and drums 05:34
Earth Feelings - A. Mazure Polar. Edit Point at 1'50, Lyrism. 2'33 resumption of the melody. 03:44
Nice Time - A. Mazure Like a groovy pop song. 02:45
Swing - A. Mazure Big band of New York night. Intro double bass and brass. Snap fingers. 01:25
Workin' Ants - E. Mazzon Crazy Orchestra, psychedelic, Instrumental. Dramatic 02:26
Baby Blues - M. E. Caen Sweet uke melody over 12 bar walking blues. Strings and added slide dobro. Acoustic, Gentle, Happy, Carefree, Sunny, Friendly. Happy melodic strums in The Ukulele Way. 03:13
Beaut Uke - M. E. Caen Melodic strummed ukulele with crisp drums and bass. Acoustic, Easy, Friendly, Happy, Light. Happy melodic strums in The Ukulele Way. 01:59
Cheap And Cheerful - M. E. Caen Kletzmer-inspired ukulele tune with accented drums and walking bass. Acoustic, Upbeat, Happy, Friendly, Jolly, Cheerful. Happy melodic strums in The Ukulele Way. 02:30
Happy Go Lucky - M. E. Caen Sweet ukulele melody over light swing groove joins with lap steel guitar. Acoustic, Gentle, Happy, Carefree, Sunny, Friendly. Happy melodic strums in The Ukulele Way. 02:08
Marching Uke - M. E. Caen Minor key ukulele melody. Soft marching drum groove joins with tuba. Acoustic, Marching, Easy, Military, Gentle. Happy melodic strums in The Ukulele Way. 02:08
Uke Blues - M. E. Caen Ukulele plays gentle strummed blues with soft drums and walking bass. Acoustic, Gentle, Soft, Easy, Blues, Consistent, Driving. Happy melodic strums in The Ukulele Way. 01:56
Fabio'S Dance - F. Rambelli Jazz, Mid Time, Flute, Guitar, Percussion, Bass, Instrumental, Oriental Market 06:32
L'Istant Proice - F. Rambelli Jazz, Mid Time, Flute, Guitar, Percussion, Bass, Instrumental, Oriental Market 04:42
Afri - M. Hallstrom Jazz, Afro Time, Sax, Percussion, Guitar, Bass, Instrumental 04:49
31 - T. Bultan Jazz, Mid Time, Sax, Guitar, Drum, Bass, Instrumental 07:33
Blues For Sibel - T. Bultan Jazz, Lazy Time, Sax, Guitar, Drum, Bass, Instrumental 05:07
Dream States - M. Hallstrom Jazz, Slow Time, Sax, Guitar, Drum, Bass, Instrumental 06:03
Droplets - T. Bultan Jazz, Lazy Time, Sax, Guitar, Drum, Bass, Instrumental 05:52
Mickes Mood - M. Hallstrom Jazz, Slow Time, Sax, Guitar, Drum, Bass, Instrumental 07:34
Oriental Blues - T. Bultan Jazz, Mid Time, Sax, Guitar, Drum, Bass, Instrumental, Oriental Market 03:49
Yellow Flower - T. Bultan Jazz, Slow Time, Flute, Guitar, Drum, Bass, Instrumental, Oriental Dance 05:06
Three For Seven - B. Aurilia Smooth Jazz,, Instrumental, Sax, Mid Tempo, Bass, Percussion 04:04
Happy Tourist - T. Stoilkovski Jazz inspired blues romp with lashings of cool harmonica, upright bass groove and wah chorus fever. Suburban Dreams. 02:14
Oscar Wilde - D Agostino Jazzy blues atmosphere. Investigation, suspense, waiting. 01:47
Disco Anomalies - D Agostino Spend a good day listening to this simple and positive traditional blues where the double bass and the electric piano are very present. 02:32
Do Di Do - T. Naylor A wistful vocal over upright bass, ukulele, honky tonk piano & clarinet solos. Comedy, Cartoon, Quirky, Happy, Thinking, Easy Going, Plodding. Kartoon Krazy. Children, cartoon, kids. 02:13
Whisper Fall - M. Sweeting A jazz trio, start by a nice melody on piano joined by the rest of the band. Minor mode music with a clinmax in the middle. Very deeply played. 03:49
Black Instant Composition - Rugiadi Jazz, Instant Composition, Piano, Bass, Instrumental, Warm and Slow 04:10
Ruminations - P. Chapnik Low bell harmonics followed by violin solo and double bass. Suspense, dark, intrigue. 02:31
Little Habanera - J. Barrett Spanish guitars and bass with assorted percussion and strings with a traditional Habanera. Easy listening Latin with a hint of jazz. 02:45
Helios - J. Pelizzari Double bass, percussion, electric piano, violins. Theme with the muted trumpet then lined with the organ. 03:10
Hip Hop - F. Bégnon Rhythmic funky, acoustic piano melody. Sample of voice, synth. 01:29
Forget Me Knot - J. Goodwin Jazz - Hommage to Nat without vocal. 00:26
Cocktail - S. Fazio Keyboard & sax gently lift off at the lounge on the 39th floor. Orchestra at 2:06 -sax solo at 2:46. Love - Seduction - Romance. Euromance 06:17
Funiculi Funicula - L. Denza Intro with rousing chorus of mandolin, accordion & double bass. Full version. World Music. Italian Memories 02:18
Monterosso Al Mare - C. Pellegrini Double bass starts this slow waltz, with melodies shared by mandolin & accordion, joined later by strings & clarinet. Full version. World Music. Italian Memories 02:04
Strange Shadows - V. Antonyuk Slow strings create images of darkness, murder & remorse. Drama. Law & Order 02:13
Hayride - J. Barrett Relaxed feel. Rhythm with glockenspiel, marimbas, xylophone & strings. Children. Child's Play 2 02:02
Going Baroque - S. Romig An ensemble piece with flamenco guitar (requinto) and contrabass. Acoustic Guitar. Gentle Guitar Backgrounds 02:14
Harry'S Theme - M. Caen Acoustic guitar strumming, drums, vocal fx. Country - Folk. The Whistle Blower 02:07
Harrys Theme - M. Caen Acoustic guitar strum with steel string melody, walking acoustic bass and simple drums, builds to whistling, then adds vocal harmonies. Country - Folk. Things With Strings 02:36
Heartache - B. Maginnis Hot Club Gypsy swing guitar, blues violin, Dixie clarinet, funky bass, piano and drums. Gypsy rhythm meets New Orleans. World Music - Ethnic - Culture. Cafe Europe 02:50
Pantry Thief - B. Maginnis Underscores. Quirky up tempo Gypsy melody, virtuosic violin and flute solos with guitar, accordion, drums and bass. World Music - Ethnic - Culture. Cafe Europe 01:52
Sly Cats - B. Maginnis 60 second edit. Cheeky, mischievous Gypsy swing with quirky piano, organ and jazz drums. World Music - Ethnic - Culture. Cafe Europe 01:02
Table Manners - B. Maginnis Funky jazz bass, vocals and blues piano with smooth touches of jazz violin and vibes. World Music - Ethnic - Culture. Cafe Europe 03:24
Funkster - M. Caen Funky retro bass riff over groovy beat and cool DJ scratches. Funk - Soul - Groove. Funked Up Beats 02:46
Jimis Stomp - J. Barrett Retro organ with big ambient toms. Up vibe funky organ vamp. House & Garden, Renovation, Lifestyle, Outdoors, Cuisine. Lifestyle - Travel - Holiday. Leisure TV 02:10
Jass Flute - J. Barrett Cool walking bass & sophisticated flute. Traditional & contemporary jazz. Jazz. Swing into Jazz 02:02
Mood Mover - J. Hawksworth Rush hour the jazz way. Moving fast walking bass with piano. Traditional & contemporary jazz. Jazz. Swing into Jazz 01:29
Swinger Deluxe - J. Hawksworth Medium tempo jazz guitar vamp with walking bass & drums. Traditional & contemporary jazz. Jazz. Swing into Jazz 02:56
Honky Tonk Clarinet - J. Barrett Wallpapering can be fun with a bit of honkey clarinet. Lifestyle - Travel - Holiday. Lifestyle TV 2 03:07
Silk Sheets - J. Barrett Sensual with a sax solo, romantic and sexy. Romantic. Lifestyle TV 06:33
Air - Bach Jazz guitar & vibes combine to recreate this popular Bach work with a modern jazz feel. Classical. Classic Transitions 03:44
La Corredera - V. Lobos Son' feel with cowboy style melody and harmonico solo. (Note: 'Son' is the early form of salsa native to Cuba) World Music - Ethnic - Culture. Buena Vista - Latin Mix 02:26
Las Illusion - V. Lobos Ragtime Cuban style, influenced by American jazz of 1920's World Music - Ethnic - Culture. Latin Spirit 02:13
Stumble Bum - T. Naylor Goofy whistles & voice accompany stumbling antics. Comedy - Children - Kitsch. Comic Cuts 02:12
Continental Stroll - L. Perrini Catchy whistling theme. Easy Listening - Chill out - Positive. Jingles 01:07
Corn Chips - J. Barrett Welcome to Mexico! Tequilas anyone? Easy Listening - Kitsch. Media Promos 2 02:37
Falling Stars - G. De Franco Waltz of the trombones. Comedy - Children - Kitsch. Jingles 00:25
Lazy Boy - B. Baker Jazz lounge groove with sax solo. Jazz. Media Promos 2 02:33
Run Rabbit - R. Rivamonte Chase/movement, snare, brushes, bass, vibes, flute. Comedy - Children - Kitsch. Town and Country 01:39
A Song For Jimi Walking bass aristochats. Printanière, joyeuse, enfant, comédie. Institutionnel. 02:32
The Moon And I New York années 50 à minuit. Swing. 01:47
Ghe Te Pensu Dialogue de flutes avec contrebasse. Aventure. 03:47
Old Shoes - T. Stoilkovski Quirky cool with upright bass, be bop drums, harmonica, flute and fuzzed guitars. 02:14
Intersection - T. Stoilkovski Languid ambient pads resonate with upright bass, soft guitars and muted dueling jazz trumpet. Walking alone at 3am downtown through silent streets in the rain. 02:07
Change Room - T. Stoilkovski Sneaky, electronica cross ambient trip hop with dashes of covert propaganda and multi saxophones. Version 30s 00:30
La Grassa - G. D Agostino Latin piece, lounge with flute melody and piano counterpoint. One minute solo piano Intro and final. 04:16
Alisa - J. Pelizzari Soft synth, double bass, voice, groove drums and finger snaps. E.Piano and trumpet plays the melody. 04:40
Cheeky Motives - L.J. Cedar Cool and cheeky jazz vibes with walking acoustic bass and traditional brush kit. Great for a TV ad or animation spot.. Cheeky, Cheerful, Playful, Uplifting, Curious, animation, cartoon. 00:28
Club To Chase - L.J. Cedar Nu Groove Disco turns into cool Cinematic Jazz Lounge.. Energetic, Upbeat, Disco, Driven, 1960s, Climactic, Chase, Spy, Theme. 00:33
Give Me A Clue-so - L.J. Cedar Cheeky Jazz track with Double Bass, Vibes and Drums. Inspired by Henry Mancini's Pink Panther music.. Cheeky, Playful, Curious, Cool, Positive. 00:33
Mondo Jazz - L.J. Cedar Cheeky Jazz track with hooky Piano riff, double bass and fingersnaps. Quirky, Upbeat, Fresh, Energetic, Jazzy, Offbeat, Crazy. 01:08
Our Valentine - L.J. Cedar Guitar Indie rock with sweet string crescendo. Inspired by 90's Manchester guitar sound.. Sweet, Uplifting, Positive, Fres, Romantic. 00:21
Put Your Feet Up - L.J. Cedar Laid back Jazz track with acoustic guitar, double bass and keyboards. Great for a product commercial campaign.. Alluring, Cheerful, Dreamy, Easy, Elegant, Friendly, Fun, Good, Humble, Jolly, Joyful, Light, Lively, Playful, Soothing, Summery, Sweet, Warm. 00:35
Smart Ass - L.J. Cedar Acoustic Rock-n-roll with cheeky guitars and acoustic piano.. Cheeky, Cheerful, Uplifting, Cartoony, Cute, Boisterous, Bright. 00:30
The Square Mile - L.J. Cedar A languid romantic and classical string piece with Harpsichord.. Confident, Thoughtful, Fresh, Refreshing, Bustling, Effortless, Enduring. 00:44
Whats In The Box - L.J. Cedar A curious child like comedy piece. Musicbox feel with organ, bass and fingersnaps.. Childlike, Dreamy, Sleepy, Angelic, Calm, comedy, lullaby, fairy tale. 00:32
Antazia - J. Pelizzari Intro space synthesizer, percussion, double bass. Melody and solo on the acoustic piano. 04:05
Clair de lac - F. Bégnon Guitar in arpeggio, double bass, theme played on the accordion. Second guitar and violins. Paris. 01:09
Chakra 2 E 3 - Rugiadi FX, Sax, Piano, Instrumental 12:54
Chakra 4, 5 E 6 - Rugiadi FX, Sax, Bass, Piano, Fun, Instrumental 16:46
Van Gogh - Rugiadi FX, Sax, Piano, Instrumental 07:55
Suspens - G. Goué Slow riff of double bass. Joined by a distant acoustic piano. Slow motion, tension. 02:50
Interlude - G. Goué Intergalactic diva. Opera from another world. The fifth Element. space musique and rhythmic. 02:12
Eclosion - G. Goué Intro brushes jazz drums, electric piano, double bass. Delay. 02:57
Oresteia la poursuite - A. Jamot Intro on double bass, cymbal and violins staccato then cello. Theme on the solo violin. 05:49
Intime conviction - A. Jamot Acoustiv piano, double bass, synth. Modern jazz suite, several distinct universes. 13:35
Dark country - le temps - A. Jamot Ostinato long notes of double basses, pizzicato of violins. Bugle. 03:20
Histoire de cordes - A. Jamot Tense harmonic exchanges between violins and violas. 0'55 Answers of double basses. 04:23
Ice air jazz band - A. Jamot Quartet of jazz beginner. drums, double bass, E.Piano, Vibraphone. No swing yet. 02:42
La Tentation de Saint-Antoine - A. Jamot Rapid Ostinato of double basses and cellos. Staccato clarinet. 04:55
Le Chien Andalou - A. Jamot Acceleration of staccato to violins and double basses. 04:12
Orchestre sans chef - A. Jamot Rhythmic and tonal discomfort. David Linch meets Alfred Hichcock. 04:15
Eden - G. Goué Double bass and fast drums. Tense harmony. 0'52 Solo of flute. Sound effects. 02:45
Sweet Memory - G. Goué Ostinato of violins and oboes then brass and cellos. Repetitive. 02:04
Slam Djazzar - C. Mathieu Intro acoustic piano rythm then double bass and synth. Edit point at 1'01, break piano, double bass, 1'28 piano, drums. 02:26
Finger Snap - C. Mathieu Solo double bass against a background of police pursuit. Tense, suspense. 02:32
Sang Viennois Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMJohann Strauss: Wiener Blut, Opus 354. Part 1. 01:03
Concerto No1 pour cordes - I Allegro molto Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMAntonio Vivaldi: Concerto No.1 in Amaj for Strings. I. Allegro molto. Positive almost joyous. 02:43
Concerto No1 pour cordes - II Andante Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMAntonio Vivaldi: Concerto No.1 in Amaj for Strings. II. Andante. 02:44
Concerto No1 pour cordes - III Allegro Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMAntonio Vivaldi: Concerto No.1 in Amaj for Strings. III. Allegro. Spring and dynamic. 03:06
Sonate No1 pour cordes Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMGiovacchino Rossini: Sonata No. 1 for Strings in Gmaj. Moderato. Mysterious and sensual. 08:42
Sonate No3 pour cordes Domaine public, ne nécessite pas de déclaration SACEMGiovacchino Rossini: Sonata No. 3 in CMaj for two violins, Cello and Double bass. Allegro. Romantic, lyrical and spring. 06:30
Porque - G. Goué Electric piano, double bass, drums. Synth effects. Kind of blues repetitive and calm. 02:01
Jazzy B - G. Goué Voice phone, synth, bass improvisation and drums. Tensioning questioning. Mysterious and psychedelic. David Lynch. 01:54
Chance Part 1 - G. Goué Slow motion. Piano, double bass ans oboe, very slowly. Eric Satie. 02:09
Sensual Walk - P. Gaillard Rhythmic slow, blues style. Electric piano distorted. Smooth melody. Conche. 02:49
Crazy Jazz Session - P. Gaillard Electro jazz supported, groovy double bass, electric piano and crazy instruments. 03:48
White Linen - H. La Guerche Slow such as Barry White. Acoustic guitar, steel, botlleneck, tremolo. 07:00
Nova - H. La Guerche Melody on the Jazz Guitar. Quartet of jazz, drums with brushes. John Abercrombie. 05:25
Flugel Ballade - J-P Bigourie Rhythmic percussion and drums, melody unison trumpet and acoustic piano. 01:08
Grapelio - J. Pelizzari Melody in the viola. Groove funky, electric piano. 03:01
Worldz - T. Chaze Space synth and double bass groove. Repetitive theme on saxophone. Edit point at 1'02, theme 2 on the acoustic piano. 02:41
Jazz Aventure - P-J Beaudoin Riff of double bass. Rhythm of drums and guitar. Solo of saxophone and mute trumpet. Detective genre. 00:48
Desir Du Temps - F. Niobey Acoustic piano, violins. Theme on piano, response on soft brass. Theme B acoustic guitar. Version Underscore. 02:48
Flânerie - M. Biallais Melody on the acoustic piano, response of violins. Edit point at 1'12 cello. Film credits. Lyrical. 02:11
Flack - J. Pelizzari Rhythmic groovy, synth bass. Solo of saturated electric piano. Urban, jazzy funk. Hot, sensual, erotic. 03:18
Bound - J. Pelizzari Jungle drum, jazz bass, synth and tense brass section. 01:49
Ziorigin - J. Pelizzari Sound effects, double bass, Electric piano vibrato. Voice effects. Melody distant on the flute. 03:50
Metromorph - J. Greenhow Percussions, bass and synth. A.Piano play free. 02:20
Le Roi Se Lève - M. Ricci Unison of bassoon and pizz of double basses. Theme on the violins. 01:25
Suspens Question - G. Wilmot Sound of pendulums, long orchestral performance of violins, timpani. 01:18
Loin Dans L'Azur - B. Reeb Sound of waves, light percussions, aerial drums, double bass and violins. Improvisation and guitar melody. Very calm. 06:05
Hent Coz - J-M Cazorla Trio 2 guitars, double bass. Melody in standard jazz. 01:54
Jazzyland - P. Gaillard Jazz drums, double bass, organ with tense chords. Quiet electric piano. Theme on the synth between steel drum and brass. 03:04
Big Bell - G. Goué Groove space musique, bubble explosions. Edit point at 2'24. 04:54
Equation - G. Goué Synth effects, double bass, electro drums, electric piano. Theme on the synth. Edit point at 1'29 Harmonic and rhythmic change. 2'08 spacy break. 04:46
Lumière Noire - G. Goué Intro space synth, sequenced synth and brilliant, sound effects. 02:30
Jaxx - G. Goué Intro soft synth. E.Piano with delay. Melody on the saxophone. Percussions and spoken voice. 05:53
Neverland - G. Goué Vibrato synth, double bass, E. Piano and dense drums. Edit point at 1'36. Calm. Voice phone. Sound effects. 03:08
Gypse - G. Goué Singing bass, wide and floating synths. Speech. 03:37
Nouvelle Lune - G. Goué Double bass played in pizz and frightening violins. Regular sound elements. Constant worry. 03:46
Bienvenu Au Paradis - J-P Vielfaure Acoustic piano and violins. Shaker, pizz. 00:37
Sadness Et Tristesse - M. Cambefort Classical orchestra and lyrical singing. 01:06
Sonner Les Cloches - J-P Vielfaure Bells, tubular bells, double bass. Christmas. 00:37
Solennel Et Serieux - J-P Vielfaure Bolero of large orchestra. 00:53
Le Jaguar Rose - J-P Vielfaure Intro Double bass and finger snaps. E.Piano, melody with the vibraphone. 00:53
La Basse Cour De Paques - J-P Vielfaure The whole orchestra plays in pizz. Tender. A walk on the farm, sounds of chickens. 00:29
Brazilia - L. Marie-Sainte Acoustic piano theme. drums, double bass, percussion. Stop between themes. 00:58
Epna - L. Marie-Sainte Acoustic piano arpeggios. 0'37 tango rhythm. 0'50 Accordion and double bass. 1'17 drums. 01:29
Tango De Nourdin - L. Marie-Sainte Tango with percussion, castanets, double bass and acoustic guitar. Melody and solo played on guitar. 01:10
Jazz Gang - L. Marie-Sainte Intro piano and double bass melody. Unison with clarinet. 01:28
G.G. Boogie - L. Tempera Luigi Tempera, electric and acoustic guitar dobro and vocals. Pompeo Old boy Torchio, Acoustic guitar. Paolo Narbona, drums. Fabio Kid Bommarito, harmonica. 02:45
Jazzy - L. Tempera Luigi Tempera, electric and acoustic guitar dobro and vocals. Pompeo Old boy Torchio, Acoustic guitar. Paolo Narbona, drums. Fabio Kid Bommarito, harmonica. Eugenio Mirti, rhythm guitar. 03:49
Joker - G. Goué Drums, doublebass, E.Pano and german voice, synth solo. improbable encounter with curious characters. 02:10
Monde Parallèle - G. Goué Speech stretched between double bass, drums and percussion. 03:34
Xenon - G. Goué Nervous rhythm. Anxiogenic sounds. Cool melody at synth. Edit point at 0, 54, Part B, 1'18, calm. 03:08
Midnight Run - P. Gaillard Industrial noise. Ostinato of double bass in staccato. Textures. Violins, percussions. Heavy rhythm. Electric piano arpeggios. Version 10s. 00:10
Rumba - P. Gaillard South American orchestra, percussion, acoustic piano. Melody played on the organ. Violins. Sensual Rumba. '60s. 02:43
Story Of Montego Bay - P. Gaillard Old style jazz orchestra. Theme played on the acoustic piano. Solo with vibraphone. '60s. 04:01
Sonic Outcome - P. Gaillard Jazz orchestra, melody on the clatinet, organ solo. Gently retro. '60s. 04:38
Musings Of Sandy Cove - P. Gaillard Jazz band. Melody and solo to the flute. 04:17
A Cravin For Vanessa - P. Gaillard Jazz orchestra. Melody played on the clarinet. '60s. 03:35
Ptit Lapin - J-M Boiteux Acoustic piano and drums with brushes, double bass. 02:19
Naissance - J-M Boiteux Acoustic piano, double bass, shaker. Repetitive. 02:10
New Orleans - J-M Boiteux Electric bass intro. Theme and solo on saxophone. Electric guitar. 01:37
Rekur - J-M Boiteux Shuffle drums, electric bass. An accompanying electric guitar and a guitar for the theme and solo. 01:24
I Need You - J-M Boiteux Drums, bass, organ, electric piano arpeggios. 0'36 break. Version without voice. 01:08
Igor - J-M Boiteux Two jazz electric guitars. Intro rubato. drums and double bass. Blues-tinted jazz theme played on the saxophone. 01:52
Kts - J-M Boiteux Group of pop-rock. Melody on the electric guitar. Chris Rea. 01:42
Laurence - J-M Boiteux Fender piano arpeggios. Groove shuffle, double bass, percussion. 0'43 melody with the piano bastringue. 0'57 break violins, sound effects. 1'40 break. 02:35
Love Shuffle - J-M Boiteux Theme on bass fretless, organ and electric guitar. 0'21 groove shuffle. Solo of electric guitar. 03:52
Mars - J-M Boiteux Pop band from the 80s. Theme played on the synth. 02:00
Na - J-M Boiteux Background synth and synth bass sequence. Worried, stripped, astral. 02:51
Tempes - J-M Boiteux Drums with brushes, guitar, fretless bass, organ. Part B percussion. 01:27
Ttl - J-M Boiteux Orchestra of jazz. Guitar wah wah. Intimate song. Violins. 01:03
Contrab - J-M Boiteux Piece for double basses and cellos. 00:50
Marie - J-M Boiteux Acoustic guitar arpeggios. Slide guitar. Edit point at 0'36 drums. Dreams and reflections. 1'13 break. 01:50
Sidonie - J-M Boiteux Barrel organ, long notes of cello for melody, double bass, violin pizza. Timpani. 05:41