Musique avec instrument : Clavinet

titre descriptif 00:00 Album
Reggae generic - S. Sibanda Reggae, Calm, Organ, Clavinet. Hip Hop, Reggae, crunk, Dance Hall, club, dance, party, electronic synth, hard beats, Jamaican, Caribbean. 04:29
Tiner - GD 78 Scroll of landscape, adventure or journey. 01:29
Nice Time - A. Mazure Like a groovy pop song. 02:45
Groupies Delight - D Agostino Jazz funk session on blues chords. 01:38
Lounging - P. Hippert 30 second News Themes. News - Current Affairs - Broadcast. News Journal 00:33
Gimme More - B. Maginnis Horn stab rise settles down to groovy funkfest. Funky retro grooves for lifestyle TV. Funk - Soul- Groove. Funky Business 03:21
Presto - Vivaldi Vivaldi scores for Irish Pub Band! Classical. Classic Transitions 01:17
Gentle Funk - B. Baker Clavinet 70's style funk. Funk - Soul - Groove. Media Promos 2 01:42
Hot Pants - L.J. Cedar A 80's Disco sounding piece with ahh female ad libs with a Bee Gee's feel. Perfect for a TV ad. Uplifting, Vibrant, Groove, Funky, Fun. 00:28
Ministry Of Disco - L.J. Cedar A great 70's Disco pastiche. Evokes memories of Studio 54. Funky, Energetic, Fun, Disco, Driving, Driven, Uplifting, Up, Campy, Driving, Driven, Uplifting, Up, Camp, 1970s. 00:32
Holy Buddy - J-M Boiteux Bass, drums. Melody played on acoustic guitar. Hand clappings. La bamba. 0'52 break synth. 01:40
The big jump - J-P Godart Two Synth sequences intersect. Rhythmic funky, clavinet. 01:04
Second final - A. Jamot Clavinet, violons and flute. Edit point at 0'49. Accelerated flow. '70s. 01:34
Ultima la folie - A. Jamot Clavinet-harpsichord solo, madness, hysteria, very fast rhythm. 03:50
End Of Suspens - J-P Bigourie Intermediate funky clavinet, synth and brass. 00:18
Jam With Miles - B. Garcia Rolling drums, toms and trumpet, bewitching. 05:11
Quatuor Baroque - M. Cambefort Minuet. Intro harpsichord and violins. Melody to the flute. 01:04
Expression 1 - P. Chain Noise with Clavinet, Dramatic,Rumors 11:54
Daccord Pas Daccord - J-M Boiteux Synth Riff and Kick. 0'31 saturated guitar. 0'47 break of toms. 01:23