Musique avec genre : Tango

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Tiempo de Tango - V. Lobos Sensual tango with piano, guitar and accordion joined by violins, bass and drums. Tango, Sensual, Mid-Tempo, Party, Competition, Latin, Erotic, Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Accordion, Violins, Bass, Drums. 02:11
Mooi dag - T. Erasmus Musette, Tango, Romantic, Accordion, Acoustic guitar, Electric bass. South Africa, Boere Musiek, Sakie Sakie, Accordion, Wals, Travel, Dance, love, Afrikaner, Tango, accoustic guitar, guitar, romantic. 02:29
Petite Etoile - A. Cardillo Sexy Cuban style tango with female French vocal, accordion, guitar and percussion. Easy, Light, Romantic, Travel, World, French, Sexy, Cuban, Tango, Instrumental. 02:47
Saveur De Tango - A. Cardillo Modern French romantic tango with accordion, guitar and synth. Easy, Light, Romantic, Travel, World, French, Tango, Bright, Modern. 02:15
Bachata y Tango - GD 78 Mi salsa mi tango, festive and sensual. Accordion and percussions with male vocal and choir. 04:26
Flow - GD 78 Typique tango phrases with radio voices, choir, percussions and dynamic electric guitar. 04:09
Our Lives - D Agostino Acoustic guitar duo. Mediterranean dance. 02:52
Tangomontevideo - J. Pelizzari Intro accordion and delay. Rhythmic electric piano, crystalline synth. 1'10 discreet vocoder. 1'36 percussions. Tango fusion Parisian bandoneon. 03:00
Tangonini - J. Pelizzari Tango double bass, bass clarinet and accordion. 02:28
Tango For J.F. - G. Bailo Dream, Peace, Tango, Bluegrass 03:59